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How to make a dried flower wall hanging – wildly beautiful by Bex Partridge

July 27, 2022

Dried flower wall hanging – wildly beautiful and easy to make by Bex Partridge, kindly shared with us from Bex’s latest book Flowers Forever

How to make a dried flower wall hanging

There’s a simple beauty and natural texture to this that I just love. It will adapt to whatever flowers you have to hand and how you decide to position them will make each one unique. Hope you enjoy!

how to make a dried flower fabric wall hanging diy tutorial step by step by bex partridge of botanical tales and author inspiring books everlastings and forever flowers. Bex talks you through the easy steps to create a dried flower gauze linen fabric wall hanging


Large piece of fabric (Bex used loose vintage cotton she dyed with natural ingredients)

Large sheet of cardboard the same size as your fabric

A selection of dried flowers with their stems and leaves, the smaller and lighter the better. Bex used forget-me-nots, wild campanula, bird’s foot trefoil, ox-eye daisies and common tufted vetch

Cotton thread to a colour to complement the fabric

Sewing needle and scissors

Dried Flowers Wall Hanging – Method

To make a dried flower wall hanging, start by laying the fabric out on the floor on top of the piece of cardboard (to allow the colour to stand out and to support the fabric whilst stitching)

Begin to lay out the flowers and stems on top of the fabric. Laying out the design before stitching the flowers onto the fabric gives you the opportunity to shift things around and identify any gaps in the pattern. The design can be as rigid or fee-flowing as you wish.

Carefully sew each flower onto the fabric, securing in a couple of places at the top and bottom and anywhere else where it flops or needs help staying in situ. Bex used a simple thread looped around and then tied off with a double knot. Cut the ends of the thread very close to the knot so they are barely visible. Remove the cardboard and hang on your wall. Bex simply used tacks here but she also suggests that you could hang it from a length of wood such as a hazel branch. You could tie ribbons to the ends that you then allow to hang down.

dried flower fabric wall hanging tutorial
dried flower fabric wall hanging tutorial
dried flower fabric wall hanging tutorial


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dried flower wall hanging free tutorial DIY project by Bex Partridge of Botanical Tales who shares her step by steps to creating a natural linen wall hanging with sustainable dried flowers

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    There are glue guns with a pointy tip that might work for this, giving good control of the glue dots and making the project go faster.

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