How to make your own perfume with The Cotswold Perfumery

November 30, 2016

This month features writer Clare Kelly finds out how to make your own perfume with The Cotswold Perfumery. Discover how she creates her own bespoke fragrance

Finding the perfect signature perfume can be a mission without end. Perfume is expensive and while one fragrance might smell divine on your friend, it just might not suit you; so creating your own bespoke perfume could be the key.

The Cotswold Perfumery in pretty Bourton On The Water is a very special business indeed. Occupying a 300-year-old Grade II listed building; it is both a factory and a shop, with the addition of a special perfume lab where courses take place.

cotswold perfumerycotswold perfumery

I was signed up to do Create Your Own Perfume – Level 1, and arrived early to look around the shop. To the back is the factory where owner and head perfumer John Stephen leads his team in creating fine fragrances. Top perfume houses in the UK they work with include Czech & Speake.

how to make perfume

John’s father started the business in 1965 but circumstances meant that it was John himself who lead the Perfumery to the success it is today. Courses are always well attended, as mine is, by all ages keen to learn the secrets of scent.

how to make perfume

The science of scent

A science lesson is the first part of this course and John talks through the properties of the raw materials we will be using. This gives us a better understanding of how these combine to make perfumes. Making a scent is a little like making music – top, middle and base notes together create a symphony. But it is you who must conduct it, and of course John is on hand to help.

how to make perfume cotswold perfumery

Garden ingredients

Once we have learned the ‘science’ part, we are taken into the garden to learn more about natural ingredients. We discover how they can be used to create scents not only to wear; but also for domestic purposes. Fragrance for cleaning products, for instance is an important part of the perfume industry.

After a delicious lunch at The Dial House  just across the river, we head to the lab to create our own signature scent. This can be a little overwhelming as there are literally hundreds of oils to choose from. Each one is to be used in moderation we are told. Using a glass pipette, each drop must be weighed and noted down so that your ‘recipe’ can be recreated at a later stage.

cotswold perfumery how to make perfumehow to make perfume the cotswold perfumery

It was fun to experiment and quite incredible how each scent combines to create something entirely different. As in any lab, safety is key and goggles are worn to protect the eyes. John encourages each student to experience all the scents (bizarrely, some of the scents I liked least were used in top fragrances!). Rather like cooking, you can add to your perfume but you cannot take away, so it’s wise to exercise moderation.

how to make perfume cotswold perfumery

The From Britain with Love fragrance

Everyone in the group was concentrating hard on their bespoke fragrance and John was able to recommend ways to improve each one – something you can surely only do when as experienced in the art of perfumery as he is.

After an hour or two, I had created a light, citrusy fragrance using bergamot, sweet orange oil and orange flower absolute, which in my opinion smelled pretty gorgeous. And what did I name it? From Britain with Love of course!

how to make perfume

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