Fingerless gloves knitting patterns – 5 most beautiful for FREE!

November 8, 2022

Fingerless gloves knitting patterns – my top 5 free patterns

With all that’s going on in the world, cosying up on Winter evenings to hand make gifts for Christmas feels like a really good idea – both for our own wellbeing and from a sustainability point of view. Hand making gifts using natural (maybe repurposed) materials feels like a quiet defiance of throwaway consumerism. And as hand made gift ideas go, fingerless gloves are right up there with the best. As long as you choose your pattern wisely! I’ve trawled through A LOT of potential contenders and chosen to leave out all those that felt more Steptoe & Son than stylish. God, I hope enough of you are old enough to get that reference! So here are my top 5 patterns, all FREE to download. Hope you find something you love!

Fingerless gloves knitting patterns

The first idea is this gorgeous Maize pattern by Tin Can Knits in sizes ranging from toddler up to large adult. It’s available to download for free here:

tin can knits maize fingerless gloves knitting pattern

Part of The Simple Collection, this fingerless gloves pattern is suitable for beginners upwards. I love how basic stitches are used to create such beautiful texture. Great for using up leftover wool from your stash.

Tin Can Knits is the creation of Alexa and Emily (one based in Vancouver, the other in Edinburgh) and is a wonderful source of knitting help, inspiration and ‘joyful seamless knitting patterns.’ Browse all their patterns here.

Simple Fingerless gloves pattern by Tania Barley

blue icelandic fingerless gloves knitting pattern by tania barley - easy to knit and free to download

I’ve picked this Simple Fingerless Mittens pattern by Tania Barley because of the pretty colour work. Easy enough for beginners upwards, there’s almost a fair isle feel to these mittens, which I love. The pattern is free to download here:

I follow Tania over on Instagram, where she shares beautiful knitting and seasonal inspiration from her small cottage in the west of Ireland: The Wool Barrow

Tania also sells a beautiful selection of Donegal tweed yarns and knitting patterns on Etsy. Browse her collection here:

Saturday sleeves by Elizabeth Smith

saturday sleeves fingerless gloves free knitting pattern by elizabeth smith with super helpful video tutorial to help you make a pair just like this!

I just love this design by Elizabeth Smith which will warm your lower arms as well as your hands and add fab texture and interest to what you’re wearing. The pattern is free to download here:

There’s also a handy video tutorial by Elizabeth to talk you through working the magic loop technique and other tips here:

Elizabeth lives in Maine and sells a range of knitting patterns in her shop and also has some great tutorials and knitting help

Cloudburst fingerless gloves by Arienne Grey

cloudburst fingerless gloves knitting pattern by arienne grey free to download on ravelry

These pretty lacy fingerless gloves are by Sweden-based Arienne Grey and free to download on Ravelry here: They’re the most popular on Ravelry right now and I can see why. Although they look complex , don’t be scared off – this pattern is pretty easy to make according to the Ravelry user ratings.

Colourblock hand warmers by Purl Soho

colour block wrist warmer knitting pattern by purl soho free to download

So much joy to be had choosing colour combinations to make these gorgeous hand warmers. Also the perfect stash buster! You can read the pattern for free here:

Purl Soho is New York-based and a fantastic source of help, inspiration and ideas. Check out their wonderful knitting tutorials here: Find the most beautiful yarns, craft kits, patterns and more over in their online shop here:


Thanks to:

Tin Can Knits

Tania Barley

Elizabeth Smith

Arienne Grey

Purl Soho

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