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Tiny Theodore teddy bear free sewing pattern

April 10, 2021

Tiny Theodore teddy bear free sewing pattern

When Lisa from A Sewing Life got in touch to ask if I might like to share her adorable mini Theodore teddy bear free pattern with you, I didn’t have to think twice. I had a strong inclination that you’d very much enjoy making this little chap. In these difficult times we’re all living through, I really like the idea of sending this highly huggable tiny handmade bear to loved ones we’re missing or to anyone who is struggling and alone. He is also perfect for making as a little memory bear in honour of loved ones lost. At the end of the day, mini Theodore bear is all about love… a labour of love and a creative way to share a little love and to remember lost loved ones. Hope he brings a tiny, huggable spark of joy into your life and to those you hold dear. X 

tiny teddy bear free sewing pattern PDF

First things first, get your tiny Theodore teddy bear free sewing pattern:

Download your Theodore teddy bear free sewing pattern PDF here


Once you’ve got your pattern, here are some super-helpful tips from Lisa to help you on your way:

Lisa’s top tips for making your tiny Theodore bear

tiny teddy bear free sewing pattern a sewing life on etsy

  • This little sewing project is a hand-sewn one that is intended to be made with love and the most important part of the process is to enjoy it. If you sew him with love, that will be transferred into the finished bear.  It’s a perfect idea to give him to a loved one who can keep him and give him a squeeze when they need some love. ‘Share the love, sew a bear hug’. Show someone that you care by sewing them a bear hug and enjoy the wonderful feeling that you get by giving them a handmade gift.
  •  This bear is made out of small pieces of felt fabric. Felt is a wonderful fabric that is so easy to work with and the edges do not fray. There are many different types of felt from the cheaper acrylic felt which are often used to make felt crafts, through to the more luxurious wool felt. Felt with a wool content is a better quality, feels and looks nicer and lasts longer. I use a wool blend felt which I find has a really nice handle and texture to it. I like to use marl colours as I like the traditional feel that they give but feel free to make the bears in an amazing array of colours.

Stitches & thread

  • The stitch used in this pattern is whip stitch but you can also use blanket stitch or running stitch. Each stitch type will give a slightly different look but there is no right or wrong stitch. You could try each type of stitch out on a piece of a scrap of fabric first to see which you prefer.
  • I have used a matching colour all-purpose sewing thread to sew up the body of the bear. However, if you want a different look, you could use a couple of strands of embroidery thread which will show the stitching more. It might be nice to use blanket stitch in a contrasting colour which has quite a different look.
  • If you would like to make this into a memory bear, simply cut the pattern out of a piece of clothing that holds sentimental value to you. It is likely that if you are making this out of an item of clothing that the fabric will fray. If so, simply iron a piece of fusible interfacing onto the back of the pattern pieces to avoid it fraying. An alternative is to add the little heart out of a piece of the clothing instead.


how to stuff a teddy bear made in felt

  • There are several options for this little bear. I use a toy stuffing but if you don’t have any to hand you could use fabric scraps or cotton wool. You could also use rice if you have used very small stitches to ensure the rice can’t escape. Because the bear is so small, you need something to gently push the stuffing inside. You could use a chop stick, a knitting needle or anything similar. Be very careful to push the stuffing in gently to avoid making a hole in your lovely little bear.

Creating the nose

make a teddy bear nose

  • The face of the bear is where you can make some changes to give him his own personality. Experiment with different expressions to see what you would like. I would recommend drawing them on a piece of paper first and then practising on a scrap of felt so that you can get it right before you do it on your bear. Use 2 strands of embroidery thread to make the eyes, nose and mouth. Embroidery thread has 6 intertwined strands and you will need to gently cut your piece of thread to the correct length, separate the 2 strands and use those.
There is no way to fail with this project. Anything that you do adds to his character and individuality so know that this is a win-win sewing project.
Thanks to Lisa for sharing mini Theodore bear with us.
If you would like to discover more about the beautiful collection of patterns and sewing kits Lisa has created, you can find out more here.

Browse A Sewing Life sewing patterns & sewing kits on Etsy here

a sewing life teddy bear, fox, rabbit, fox, pig and reindeer soft toy sewing pattern kits by A Sewing Life on Etsy UK
Lisa sells an adorable collection of patterns and sewing kits on Etsy including Theodore Bear, Bluebell Rabbit, Florence Piglet, James Fox and Beatrice Fawn. You can buy just the patterns, the full kits as well as patterns for making their beautiful clothes. Hope you enjoy!

Theodore Bear

theodore teddy bear sewing pattern kit by A Sewing Life on Etsytheodore teddy bear sewing kit by A Sewing Life on Etsy Uktheodore teddy bear sewing pattern kit by A Sewing Life on Etsy

Buy Theodore bear sewing pattern on Etsy here

Buy Theodore bear sewing kit on Etsy here

Lisa: Theodore Bear is the first of the characters that I designed for Theodore Bear and Friends and I wanted him to be the central character. When I designed him I knew that I wanted a traditional bear with movable arms and legs and he was to have a kind character. I took a long time making changes to the pattern to get it just right and searching for the perfect fabric to give him the old fashioned, vintage look that I was searching for. I designed the coat to keep him cosy and I was careful to choose colours that continued the earthy, traditional feel.

My daughter Grace has written a lovely short story that we call All About Theodore Bear which you can download here.

A little snippet:

Theodore Bear is a peaceful soul who will hum as he cracks open another dusty old book before bed every evening, at precisely nine o’clock. He will have spent the day wearing a mellow smile which he shares with everyone he passes. It has been a while since Theodore frowned, in fact.

When not guzzling another steaming pot of freshly brewed tea, you can find this bear scribbling his thoughts onto any surface he can get his paws on – notepads, the backs of receipts, or some kitchen roll if he’s in a spot of a rush.

Bluebell Rabbit

Bluebell rabbit sewing pattern kit by A Sewing Life on EtsyBluebell rabbit sewing pattern kit by A Sewing Life on Etsy

Buy Bluebell Rabbit pattern on Etsy here

Buy Bluebell Rabbit sewing kit on Etsy here

Florence Piglet 

florence piglet sewing pattern kit by A Sewing Life available to buy on Etsy UK as a pattern or kit to make your own adorable little felt piglet #sewing #pattern #kit #piglet


Buy Florence piglet sewing pattern on Etsy here

Buy Florence piglet sewing kit on Etsy here

James Fox

james fox soft toy sewing pattern kit

Buy James Fox sewing pattern on Etsy here

Buy James Fox sewing kit on Etsy here

Beatrice Fawn

beatrice fawn sewing pattern kit #sewing #pattern #fawn #etsy #frombritainwithlove

Buy Beatrice fawn sewing pattern on Etsy here

Buy Beatrice fawn sewing kit on Etsy here

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