How to make a needle felted wool snowdrop posy brooch

September 15, 2017

How to make a needle felted wool snowdrop posy brooch with Emma Herian of Sew Recycled. Emma is a textile artist, tutor and published craft writer. She has also been commissioned to create a felted magical Christmas woodland for Channel 4 tv show Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas. Emma shares her simple step by steps to creating this pretty brooch for yourself or to give as a unique gift.


how to make a needle felted snowdrop brooch. Click through for easy step by steps by textile artist Emma Herian of Sew Recycled

You Will Need

Felting wool in emerald green, lime green and white

Felting needle

Foam block

Thin wire

Florist tape



Brooch back

Needle and thread

How to make it

There are various stages to making the snowdrop and in this simple little tutorial you will be able to put them together to create a sweet little snowdrop posy ideal to be worn as a brooch.

galanthus snowdrop illustration

Snowdrops (Galanthus) are such a welcome sight in winter and have a delicate beauty. I find this botanical sketch quite helpful when trying to get the shape right. So you might like to refer to it too as you go. Let’s start by making the little white petals of the flower. Who would have thought that the inner tepals could vary so much in its distinct green markings!

1 Take a small piece of the white wool and pull into a loop to form a loose petal shape and start stabbing with the needle into the required petal shape, leaving an unworked end and remember to lift off the foam, turn over and stab until you have a dense petal.

2 You will need to make 3 small petals, with a bit of lime green wool added in, and then 3 larger plain white petals.

how to make a felted snowdrop

3 Join the 3 small ones together by stabbing the unworked ends to form a small dome, then add the bigger ones on top. This is your flower head.

4 To make the stem, cut a piece of wire roughly 12 cm in length and cover in the florists tape.

5 Make a slightly rounded bent over top, then add a dab of glue to that end, with a wisp of the emerald green wool.

how to make a felted snowdrop

6 Tightly wrap the wisp of green wool several times around the glue end leaving it wispy. Allow to dry.

7 Whilst that’s drying, make some long emerald green leaves with hints of lime green by making the rough shape first and continuously stabbing, turning and rolling between the palm of your hands. You want to end up with quite dense long leaves, about 3 of them, in varying heights measuring from 12 cm.

8 Now take the snowdrop flower and, with the dried stem you made earlier, stab the wispy green fibres in to the top of the flower. Think about the shape as you do this – you can always add more green wool as you go.

how to make a felted snowdrop

9 Finally group the leaves and the flowering stem together and tie a lovely ribbon around the middle, then sew on a brooch back to the reverse. 

how to make a felted snowdrop

Wear your snowdrop posy with pride to cheer you up as the winter draws in!

Emma is listed in our directory. Check out her listing here to get all the contact details you need to get in touch with her, attend one of her courses for yourself or browse her online shop.

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