Ritual baths for healing and hope

August 20, 2021

Ritual baths for healing and hope by Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp

I happened upon the Ritual Baths book by Deborah Hanekamp (scroll down for the links to buy a copy) and was instantly engrossed. I am very partial to a long soak in the tub and can personally vouch for the power of a good bath to ease migraines and soothe grief. Warm baths with soft lighting, flickering aromatherapy candles and soft music were also part and parcel of my two wonderful experiences of childbirth. I managed to stay so calm and centred with my second labour that I was pretty much ready to push by the time the midwife decided to quickly assess me. She told me afterwards that she’d assumed I couldn’t be far into my labour because I was so quiet and calm. I was actually experiencing some seriously heavy duty contractions, but the hypnobirth techniques I’d learned alongside the warm, soothing water of the baths helped me to ride the waves rather than feel overwhelmed by them. I felt part of something immensely powerful rather than afraid of what was happening to me.

What first struck me about the Rituals Bath book is how tied in with collective consciousness and spirituality these bath ideas are. As many of us have, I’ve dabbled with essential oils to create a sense of relaxation or boost of energy in the tub. But I’ve never thought of a bath as spiritual cleansing or healing before. And yet I definitely did feel the supportive and emotional power of water when giving birth. So I was intrigued to find out more.

deborah hanekamp mama medicine ritual baths

Mama Medicine and ritual baths

I discovered that the author of Ritual Baths, Deborah Hanekamp (aka Mama Medicine on Instagram) has a sizeable community of followers around the world who love her approach to self healing and collective consciousness.

Her fans include singer Alicia Keys, I also discovered:

“Mama Medicine is fire”

Alicia Keys

I discovered a wide range of different beautiful flower petal-sprinkled bathing ritual recipes, from For Weary and Tired Heads to a Full Flower Moon Bath and Ritual Bath for Trust

ritual bath mama medicine deborah hanekamp

Intrigued, I decided to make contact with Deborah and her team to ask if she might like to share a ritual bath recipe. One that many of us might benefit from right now.

I’m delighted that Deborah is kindly sharing the recipe for her Ritual Bath for Hope – which feels just perfect for where the world is right now don’t you think? And thanks to Claire and Samantha for making this exciting collaboration happen.

Ritual bath for hope

ritual bath hope by mama medicine deborah hanekamp

Words from Deborah about her ritual bath for hope:

If you feel lost, like you’ve been cast aside, and full of despair, know you are not alone. You are a very important part of this collective consciousness. Without you, something would be missing. Yes, you may be experiencing great loss, but if you seek it out, there is always hope. If you cannot find hope, watch nature. At the very end of the long silence of winter, the Earth and all of her creatures are so full of the hope that spring will soon return, that the sun will smile again, that soon everything will start to sing. You too will shine on, and you too will sing again. This bath can remind you that no matter how dark the night may be, the light will always return. Infuse the color green, a color of healing and hope, into your aura. Let this bath rejuvenate you.’


1 cup pink Himalayan sea salt
A cup of hemp milk
1 cup green juice (ideally with dandelion greens) 

A pot of nettle tea

Olive branches and leaves

Rosemary branches

4 drops of cedarwood and 10 drops of rose absolute essential oils, mixed into 3 tablespoons honey

Rose quartz crystal

Jade crystal

ritual bath hope by mama medicine deborah hanekamp


 Place all the ingredients in the bath at a temperature of your choosing.

Light a candle.
Create a smudge using dried cedar by putting it in a nonflammable tray of some kind and igniting it. Waft the smoke around your body using a feather you have found.
Step into the bath and dunk your head underwater.
Sing any song that comforts you.
Let the singing cleanse your soul
Let the water hold and support you.
Let the crystals remind you how much the earth loves you.
Soak in the medicine you’ve created. 

How lovely does that sound? I’d love you to let me know how it makes you feel if you decide to give it a go.

After the events of recent years, we could all do with a boost of hope don’t you think?

A little bit about Deborah

ritual bath white roses mama medicine deborah hanekamp

Mama Medicine is Deborah Hanekamp – The author of the bestselling book Rituals Baths and founder of SPACE by Mama Medicine. Mama Medicine facilitates Medicine Readings online and all over the world. These ceremonies integrate two decades of experience. At the end of every Medicine Reading, Deborah prescribes a Ritual Bath. Her empowering work along with her unique aesthetic and approachable personality, have garnered Mama Medicine tens of thousands of global followers and features in major press outlets. In a world of gurus and self-help, Mama Medicine encourages us to be our own healer and helps us connect to the true master within us all: the power of love. Follow Deborah @MamaMedicine

Ritual Baths book

ritual baths deborah hanekamp

Here’s a peek inside the book to give you a flavour of the loveliness and inspiration you’ll find inside…

ritual bath pink roses mama medicine deborah hanekamp
ritual bath pink roses mama medicine deborah hanekamp
ritual baths mama medicine deborah hanekamp

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