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25 most stylish (10 free) crochet market bag patterns

March 27, 2023

25 beautiful (10 free) crochet market bag patterns

It was this image from Plumo that set me off:

plumo crochet market bag
Above: Plumo crochet shopper

I could easily imagine myself swanning around a french market with this on my shoulder. Paper-wrapped fresh baguettes and seasonal flowers peeking out, maybe a vintage treasure or two from the local brocante hidden at the bottom… I am itching to delete that last sentence as it sounds so clichéd. But I think maybe I’ll let it stand and simply ask you not to think less of me for it!

After all, isn’t day dreaming the spark of inspiration behind many of our most enjoyable creative projects? It certainly is for me. Anyway, less about my eye roll-inducing flights of fancy. The bit you might actually be interested to discover is that I have since spent A LOT of time researching the most beautiful crochet market bag patterns I could find. Because much as I love the Plumo bag, £79 seems a bit steep – particularly as making my own is the sort of easy creative project I’d really enjoy. So, whether you are looking for a free pattern or just the most beautiful crochet patterns you can buy, I hope you find something to inspire you in my selection.

A creative crochet project to enjoy

As reusable bags go, these handmade totes are a wonderfully individual option – and they make great creative crochet projects to enjoy along the way. First step is to find a market bag crochet pattern you love, pick a yarn to use and then get making. I’ve shared ideas that share single crochet as well as basic crochet stitches as well as more intermediate level ideas. Make one (or two) in your favourite colour and sling on to your shoulder next time you’re headed to the farmer’s market, local shops or beach for effortless individual style.

Hand making your own market bags is a great gift idea too. So you’ve come to the right place if you fancy trying your hand at making a reusable market bag – all with just your crochet hook and some yarn. Hopefully I’ll set you on your way with a beautiful pattern that inspires you.

Many of the crochet market bag patterns I found recommend using Lion Brand cotton yarn or Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. I’m not a fan of acrylic yarns but if you have scrap yarn of any kind using them up to make crochet bags is a great way to reduce waste. So, let’s get on to the patterns I’ve curated to share with you. Worth noting that many of them also have video or photo tutorials to help you on you way.

Free Crochet Market Bag patterns

Sakura Market Bag pattern

sakura free crochet market bag pattern - get the link to download and start making one (or more) today. A fun creative crochet project that also helps to save the planet from plastic bags
Sakura Market Bag pattern from Love Crafts

Such a cute pattern and suitable for intermediate skill level, this one is available for free from Love Crafts. I’m tempted to make a few in different colours but I think I might be more of a beginner than intermediate, so I might work my way up. This pattern uses half double crochet stitches which gives a nice chunky texture.

Wildrose Market Bag pattern

wildrose market bag crochet pattern by Stephanie Lau available free from her allaboutami website or to buy as a printable PDF download pattern from Etsy or Love Crafts

Designed by Stephanie Lau of All About Ami, this free crochet pattern is available in two parts on her blog which you can find the links to here. If you’d prefer the pattern in one PDF without the online ads, you can also buy it on Love Crafts or Etsy.

It’s a lovely design composed of 13 granny squares seamed together in a special way! This eye-catching bag uses a variety of crochet stitches and is very sturdy using strong mercerized cotton (Lion Brand Yarn’s 24/7 Cotton) and a dense strap using the waistcoat stitch. This bag is the perfect way to carry around your groceries, beach, and travel items!

French Market Bag pattern

french market bag pattern by two of wands free crochet pattern to make this chic reusable shopping bat
French Market bag crochet pattern PDF from Love Crafts or Etsy or full kit from Lion Brand

It’s the understated simplicity of this oh so chic design by Alexandra Tavel that I love – and it does make me smile that it’s photographed with a crusty baguette and some seasonal flowers poking out, just as I’d day dreamed…

As with the previous free crochet bag pattern, you can either read the pattern for free on Alexandra’s Two of Wands blog, or buy it as a printable PDF without the ads from Love Crafts or from Etsy. To make life super easy, you can also buy the kit with everything you need to make the exact same bag from Lion Brand.

Miller Crochet Market Bag pattern

miller market bag free crochet pattern by lakeside loops and also available to buy on Etsy as a printable PDF instant download pattern
Miller Market Bag crochet printable PDF pattern on Etsy (also free to read on Lakeside Loops website)

The generous size of this design takes me right back to the Plumo image that set off this whole journey. Again, it’s either available for free from Lakeside Loops or you can buy a printable PDF from Etsy here. Reusable shopping bags don’t get much lovelier than this!

Garden Paths crochet bag pattern by Drops Design

garden paths market bag crochet pattern free by drops design

Drops Design is a great source of patterns, ideas and inspiration. I love the shape and pattern of this Garden Paths bag which is free and there’s a super-helpful tutorial on youtube (below) as well as other tutorials to help you here.

Eco tote by Drops Design

This is another – free – beauty from Drops Design and is available from Garn Studio here

Tulip square market bag pattern by Wilmade

tulip square bag free crochet pattern by wilmade available for free  online or to buy as a printable PDF from Etsy
Tulip Square bag crochet printable PDF pattern from Etsy or free to read on Wilmade website.

It’s available free from the Wilmade website and also to buy as a printable PDF from Etsy.

It’s made from three giant granny ‘Tulips from Holland’ squares and features chains, double crochet and puff stitches. Such a simple and chic pattern.

Gingham tote bag by Hayhay crochet

gingham market bag crochet pattern by hayhay crochet and available for free

The designer of this gorgeous pattern is Heather, and she is a woman after my own heart as I LOVE gingham. Her pattern is free on her website here, plus she has made a super-helpful tutorial to take you through the steps. Tempting to make a few in different colourways.

Harvest Market bag patterns

harvest crochet market tote bag free pattern by jess coppom of make and do

This is another cute pattern and it’s by Jess Coppom of Make and Do Crew, available for free here or to buy as a PDF on Love Crafts or Etsy

Also worth of inclusion as a great free pattern is this classic Mesh market bag by Tracey Todhunter.

Coastal crochet tote by Lion Brand

beach bag market tote bag free crochet pattern by Lion Brand and available to download as an instant printable PDF pattern. Just one of 10 free patterns I've shared on my blog - along with some of the most stylish patterns to buy
Coastal tote bag free pattern by Lion Brand

This is a great free pattern – perfect as a shopping tote or beach bag. It’s suitable for beginners upwards.

Easy crochet market bag patterns to buy

The Modern Tote Bag pattern by Nicky Jewels and Jones

the modern tote bag crochet pattern by jewels and jones available to buy as a printable PDF instant pattern from Love Crafts
The Modern Tote crochet pattern is available from Love Crafts

Thirteen squares of crochet come together to form this modern tote bag. This is a beginner-friendly pattern that is made using basic crochet stitches and available as a printable PDF pattern from Love Crafts.

Dundo Market Bag pattern

dundo market bag crochet pattern by Helga Mandl and available to buy as a printable PDF pattern on Love Crafts
Dundo Market Bag crochet pattern by Helga Mandl from Love Crafts

This bag is really fast to make and very practical and is the perfect easy crochet project: from the market to the shopping or as a beach bag.

The pattern is by Helga Mandel, is classed as intermediate skill level and available to buy on Love Crafts.

Summer Harvest bag pattern by Grace Lehman

summer harvest market tote bag crochet pattern by grace lehman of Stitchberry Patterns and available to buy on Etsy as a printable PDF instant download pattern
Summer Harvest market tote bag pattern by Grace Lehman on Etsy

I absolutely love the simple, classic design of this market/tote bag that uses just two crochet stitches. It’s a quick and easy bag to make – sounds right up my street. Available to buy as a printable PDF pattern on Etsy.

Also by Grace is this European Market Tote bag pattern.

I like the chunky simplicity of this one – and that it has particularly sturdy handles. The simplistic, modern stitching makes this bag doable for the beginner or a mindless project for the seasoned crocheter. It’s available to buy on Love Crafts here

Tulipan Net bag pattern by Sidsel Sangild

tulipan crochet tote market bag pattern by Sidsel Sangild is available to buy as a printable PDF instant download pattern from love crafts
Tulipan net market bag pattern from Love Crafts

This beautiful net bag is made in post double crochet in a lacy pattern that looks like tulips or snowdrops. Available in English and Danish as a printable PDF to buy on Love Crafts

Willow Bag crochet pattern

willow market bag crochet pattern to make a beautiful market bag or tote shopping bag designed by 
Anastasiia Zaitseva and available to buy as an instant printable PDF pattern download on Etsy
Willow bag crochet pattern on Etsy

This gorgeous bag pattern is suitable for beginners and has lots of photos to help you through every step. The designer – Anastasiia Zaitseva – says it takes about 4 hours to make, so if you get cracking you could have one by the weekend!

Crochet Tote Pattern

crochet market bag pattern from Etsy made using crochet squares (that you can easily make bigger or smaller to vary your own design) available as a PDF instant download printable pattern
Crochet tote pattern from Etsy

This is a cute pattern (available to buy on Etsy here) and adaptable as you can make each of the squares the size you’d like.

Raffia market tote crochet pattern

raffia crochet tote market bag pattern from etsy
Raffia tote bag crochet pattern from Etsy

I really love this design and it’s something a bit different as it’s made using raffia. Available to buy on Etsy here and easily adaptable to other yarn if you’d prefer.

Crochet Raffia Net tote bag

raffia crochet net tote market bag pattern PDF download from Etsy
Crochet Raffia Net bag pattern from Etsy

Whilst we’re on the subject of raffia options, how about this cute raffia net bag? Also available on Etsy as a digital download and is suitable for beginners upwards.

Raffia Crochet book by Wool and The Gang

raffia crochet patterns book wool and the gang 10 contemporary patterns including this perfect market bag crochet pattern for beginners
Raffia Crochet book by Wool and The Gang

This is a great collection of 10 contemporary crochet patterns with raffia yarn including a gorgeous market bag tote. You can order a copy on Amazon and hope you enjoy!

The magical tote market bag pattern

magical tote market bag crochet pattern by Rachel Misner and available to buy as a printable instant download PDF pattern on Etsy now. Read my blog post to get all the info you need - as well as lots of other stylish market bag crochet patterns! Hope you enjoy!
Magical Tote Market Bag crochet pattern from Etsy

I love the slouchy feel of this design – and that it’s super easy to make.

Bento market bag pattern

bento bag crochet pattern japanese knot style tote market bag from etsy
Bento Bag crochet pattern from Etsy

How stylish is this design by The Triyang Tote on Etsy? Form meets function in this bag, featuring perpendicular ridges complemented by a bold knot handle.

The Campbell crochet bag pattern by Ruby Webbs

cable crochet bag pattern

I’m a sucker for a nice bit of cabling in knitting, so the idea of creating a similar texture with crochet definitely appeals.

Vintage 40s shopping bag knitting and crochet pattern

vintage string shopping bag pattern to knit and crochet

I had to include this when I found it – taken from an original 40s pattern and now available as a PDF pattern on Etsy, it’s a little piece of history coming back to life.

French petals crochet bag pattern

french market bag crochet pattern petals flower available to buy on Etsy as a PDF instant download printable pattern
French petals crochet market bag pattern on Etsy

If it’s authentic french market designs you’re after (and why wouldn’t you be?) this one’s a beauty. It’s available in french and english.

Siena bag by Susanne Muller

striped raffia crochet market bag pattern to make the perfect reusable shopping bag or beach bag - how to get the pattern on Etsy as a printable instant download

A slightly different take on the theme available to buy on Etsy here. I do like a good stripe.

Sinensis tote bag crochet pattern by Darling Jadore

easy crochet squares tote market bag pattern
Sinensis easy crochet squares bag pattern from Etsy

Suitable for beginners upwards, including video tutorials and classic crochet stitches, this is a great pattern. I love the contemporary simplicity and subtle geometry of the design. Available as a PDF pattern on Etsy.

Japanese Crochet pattern book

crochet string bag pattern japanese available to buy on etsy
Everyday Crochet Eco Bag pattern book from Etsy

How cute is this everyday eco bag pattern from this Japanese Craft book available to buy on Etsy (in Japanese).

japanese crochet bag pattern ebook from etsy

Whilst we’re on the subject of Japanese crochet, how gorgeous is this crochet ebook from Etsy? Also written in Japanese but previous customers say that the diagrams are easy enough to follow and that the designer of the pattern is also very helpful with answering any questions…

Daisy tote bag crochet kit by Crafted by Cat

daisy crochet tote bag kit including pattern, 100% cotton yarn in a choice of colours, crochet hook, darning needle, stitch markers, printed pattern, magic circle guide and an option to receive a digital PDF of the pattern too. Suitable for beginners upwards and available to buy on Etsy with all you need to make your own beautiful and sustainable shopping bag or beach bag
Daisy Tote bag crochet kit from Etsy

This is a great little kit if you’re new to crochet or are looking for a crafty gift idea. The kit contains everything you need to make your own pretty daisy tote bag, including 100% cotton yarn in a choice of pink, navy, green or cream colour ways. Also included is a 5mm crochet hook, darning needle, stitch marker, printed pattern with step-by-step instructions and magic circle guide. A digital PDF of the pattern also available on request.

If crochet isn’t the way to go for you, but you are hankering after something to bring a french market vibe, how about this absolutely perfect straw bag?

woven french market bag straw raffia with leather handles in short and long
Handmade French market basket from Etsy

I have the exact same one that I bought locally and added an inner fabric pocket with velcro. I absolutely love it. Definitely go for one that has short and long handles like this one (and mine).


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I hope you enjoyed discovering my hand-picked crochet market bag patterns – and happy making! You might like to check out my blog post with all you need to know about learning to crochet: crochet basics – a beginner’s guide

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Read my blog post to discover 25 of the most stylish market bag crochet patterns including 10 free and others (like this Willow Bag pattern) available to buy on Etsy or Love Crafts as PDF instant download printable patterns

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