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  • gifts made in britain with love and care by hand-picked UK makers all natural and sustainable from ceramics to candles, soap to linen hand warmers, fair isle fingerless gloves, natural beauty and more

    Gifts made in Britain by hand & with love

    Gifts made in Britain by hand & with love This year, more than ever, all the unsustainable Christmas ‘stuff’ on sale is totally out of step with how I’m feeling. Don’t get me wrong,…

    November 24, 2022
  • sustainable clothing made in britain by h.huna

    7 sustainable clothing essentials you’ll love forever

    7 sustainable clothing essentials to take you anywhere, in all seasons and that you’ll love to wear forever Brilliant craftsmanship, flawless attention to detail and a resolute commitment to slow fashion is the philisophy behind…

    April 30, 2021