A guide to getting started

welcome to from britain with love

We have created a tutorial video that talks you through, step by step, all you need to know to set up and manage your From Britain with Love listing.

View tutorial video here

Logging in

To login all you need to do is either follow this link to the login page or scroll down to the My Dashboard section at the bottom right corner of any page of the From Britain with Love website. You will need to enter your user name and password (which we would have emailed to you when you were first set up in the system). If you have forgotten or lost this information, you just need to click the ‘Forgot Password’ link which will trigger a new password. This will be sent to the email address linked to your listing. Your user name is usually your business name.

When you login via the login page or via My Dashboard, you will find yourself at the top of the home page, but don’t let this throw you! All you need to do is scroll back down to the My Dashboard section to access your listing.

Editing your listing

Once you have logged in, you need to scroll down to the ‘My Dashboard’ section at the bottom of the right sidebar on any page of the website, select ‘My listings’ from the dropdown menu then click on ‘Places’ to access the listing you want to manage from there. To edit your listing, click the ‘edit’ icon.

The following user instructions relate to all the information fields available to fill in, but please note that Standard listings don’t include everything listed below.

Place Title

This is your business name as you would like it to display on the front end

Place Description

This is the box where you add your profile text. The word limit is set by the package you have opted for. You can scroll up and down to see what you have written here. You can also use the preview listing button to review.

The most important thing to remember is to add your business name in the first paragraph and also to provide 300 words minimum as this is optimum for search engine optimisation. Keep sentences short and clear. Add your business name where it sounds natural to reinforce your message and make sure you focus on explaining what’s unique and special about what you do. If you are known for handmade shoes please say so. If you know the key words that deliver the best traffic for you, add them here. The story behind your business can also be valuable to reinforce the ethos behind your brand.

Tag keywords

Enter the key words that will enable users to find what you’re offering via search. They need to be short, with no spaces and separated by commas. The limit is set by the package you have opted for.


This is where you assign your listing to the appropriate directory category or categories. Start by selecting a topline category from the dropdown menu. Once you have done this, you will then be able to further assign your listing to subcategories within that topline category. It’s important to do this so that users will find you. The numbers of categories available to you are also set by the membership package type you have opted for.


Parts of this section are required fields, as is visibility on the interactive map. It is up to you how detailed and exact you would like your address to be on the front end. We understand that some of you will want users to find your shop or workshop whilst others would prefer not to publish an actual street address. It’s simple to opt for either approach:

How to publish your exact address

If you would like users to be able to find your exact address:

  • Enter your street or road name in the Address box (don’t put your house name or house number in here yet as it can cause issues with the map).
  • Then select a Region or County and City or Town from the two dropdown menus. This should set the dynamic map pointer pin at, or near, your address. It will also automatically add a postcode to the Post Code box.
  • If the postcode is not exactly correct, please simply enter the correct postcode in the postcode box. Don’t click the ‘set address on map button’.

How to publish a non specific address

If you would prefer not to publish your exact address, it’s possible to assign your listing to a local town or city without publishing any further details.

To do this, you need to enter your business name in the Address box rather than a road or street name, then select the town and county from the dropdown menus. If you are happy with where the map pin is sitting after you have done this, leave it as is. If you would prefer to move the pin to a town centre for example, simply do this manually by dragging and dropping the map pointer pin to where you would like it. This will generate a postcode value automatically in the Postcode box. You should simple delete this to leave the map pin pointing where you’ve placed it, but with no postcode or detailed address showing on the front end.

Please ignore the ‘set address on map’ button and latitude and longitude boxes as they can cause issues with how the map works.


If you would like to publish your phone number on the front end, please enter it here


Enter your email address if you would like users to be able to contact you this way


Please add your website URL here if you would like to link to it from your listing. If you sell via a marketplace, you are free to add the URL to your storefront here if you’d prefer


Add any video code here – for example YouTube, Vimeo etc


Add your blog URL here if you’d like to link to it.

Social media

Add URLs to the social media pages you’d like to link to in the relevant boxes

Sign up to our newsletter

Add your newsletter sign up page URL here if you’d like to link to it

Sign up for our brochure

As above

Image links

This is where you add the URL links you’d like to add to your gallery images (which are uploaded in the section below this). As this is done by number (so image link 1 applies to the first image in the gallery below and so on…), it’s important to know what order you will be uploading your images so that the links are correct. Please also remember to correct the links if you amend the order of your images.

Simply paste in the URL to the page you would like your image to link to. This can be a page on your own website, or an individual product page on a marketplace if you are looking to drive sales. The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the URL from the URL box of the page you’d like to link that image to.

Add images

Upload your images (number is dictated by the package you have opted for) by selecting from your computer or by dragging and dropping files here.

Please note that image number 1 is also your listing image that will display on category pages. The link needs to be the full link including the http or https part of the URL (the easiest way to do this is to copy and paste from the url box of the page you are wanting to link to as this will paste the full url in automatically.)

Image number 1 needs to be a high quality landscape image at least 800 x 600 px). The site will automatically crop image when it appears on the listing pages, but it’s best practice to crop your listing image to these dimensions to ensure it crops well. Cut-out or white background images are not suitable as listing images generally. Please contact us if you would like our help in creating a strong listing image.

Once your images are uploaded, you can drag and drop images to rearrange the order. (Please remember to check that the image links are all correct once you’ve finalised the order.)

Publishing your amended listing

Once you’re happy with any changes you have made, simply check the T&Cs box and click the Review your Listing button. This will give you a preview of how your amended listing would look on the front end. If you decide to made further amends, click the Go Back and Edit button and repeat the process until you are totally happy. When you’re ready to publish the amended listing, click the Update Now button and your amends will then show up on the front end.