Women’s Long Pointelle Cashmere Gloves


These totally beautiful long pointelle cashmere gloves for women are made in one of the oldest mills Scotland for Brora


Women’s Long Pointelle Cashmere Gloves from Brora

Keep hands and wrists warm with these long pointelle cashmere gloves. Be sure to buy yours now from Brora in the knowledge that they are made in one of the oldest cashmere mills in Scotland and the skills involved in working with cashmere have been passed down from generation to generation.

  • made in Britain
  • four-ply Scottish cashmere
  • hand wash

What makes Brora cashmere so special?

No one does cashmere quite like Brora.

What sets ours apart more than anything is the workmanship that goes into each and every piece, much of which is done by hand.

“When I founded Brora in 1993, we were the only people on the high street making gorgeous quality, British made cashmere in bright, daring colours and modern shapes.

Now, with the help of BeZero Carbon, it’s an honour to be the first cashmere led brand to conduct a full Life Cycle Assessment for our cashmere. BeZero Carbon helped us work out the carbon footprint of each of our cashmere designs from their raw fibre beginnings. From the native goats of the Mongolian plateau to the dyeing, spinning, weaving, and knitting in Scotland. As well as all the way to the end of their life cycle having been worn and loved for years. Eventually being recycled or biodegrading back into the Earth. It has been my privilege to provide our customers with what I believe to be the best quality cashmere since 1993. And now we can add 100% Carbon Neutral to the list of reasons to buy Brora.”

Victoria Stapleton

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