Happy aromatherapy candle


Happy aromatherapy candle handmade with pure essential oils by Wildheart Organics – soy vegan


Happy aromatherapy candle by Wildheart Organics

AROMATHERAPY CANDLE – 100% natural Treatment candle

ROSE & FRANKINCENSE – travel size, 18 hours of joyous mood enhancing fragrance

Her love of rose absolute and aromatic frankincense inspired Emma of Wild Heart Organics to make this beautiful blend. Something amazing happens when you combine rose, rose geranium and frankincense, the molecules combine into an altogether new aroma ten times better than the original component parts.

Rose essential oil has been used throughout history in the art of aromatherapy as a uplifting and mood-elevating treatment, it also has sensual aphrodisiac properties. Frankincense is a calming and uplifting oil which elevates the mood bringing feelings of contentment.

This therapeutic blend will bring moments of absolute bliss to your day. A complex composition of 14 pure essential oils all selected for their uplifting and joyful and properties. Once lit an amazing aura of natural aromas will lift your mood.

The heart of the fragrance is rose and rose geranium, aromatic frankincense provides a grounding and soothing base note to complete this joyous blend. All candles are made with sustainable clean soy and vegetable waxes and the glass can be re-used.

Wildheart Organics creates soulful aromatherapy collections, each thoughtfully handmade to bring moments of pleasure to your hectic day. In our humble opinion, we believe that once you have tried natural aromatherapy candles you will find it difficult to return to synthetic fragrances.

Beautiful white glass container 90g, 18 hours burning time approx.