Handmade Ceramic Pinch Jug, Shoreline


Handmade Ceramic Pinch Jug


Handmade Ceramic Pinch Jug, Shoreline

A cheerful jug designed to fit the shape of your hand. Perfect to serve milk for your morning coffee – enjoy your brew in style!

These jugs are special in that each on is totally unique, making them great for if you’re using them for multiple sauces at the dinner table. The hand-pinched rim creates a strong lip, allowing liquids to flow smoothly, and the stoneware clay and internal tin glaze means it retains the temperature of the liquid longer than your average jug. Also ideal as a decorative piece for flowers.


Turquoise, the colour of the sea on a summer’s day. Pink, especially unique with its speckled gradient. The natural clay, visible between the glazes, bakes to a warm, sandy colour. To help you think of those happy moments, feeling the sand beneath your feet and paddling along the lapping shore.


Stoneware clay, glaze. Hand washing is advised.


Being handmade, yours may differ from the image shown.

Please note: as these pieces are handmade and therefore each one varies, the dimensions below are approximate.

(Widest) D6.5cm x H8.5cm x V150ml

About Habulous

‘Our ethos is to deliver British-made, thoughtfully designed pieces that all have a character of their own, designed to last the test of time.

Nicky has always been creative – many close friends would call her a serial crafter! It was after years of experimenting with a variety of arts when she found clay. After lots of practice, mistakes as well as successes, Nicky realised she was making things people loved and wanted to own, which is how our little brand Habulous was founded. Why ‘Habulous’? Well, the name was actually made up by her daughter, combining “Happy and Fabulous”, which sums up how creating with clay makes our team feel.

We would love to see traditional crafts grow again and for us all to move away from the mass produced, which is why our handmade products are so special to us; each piece is totally unique, lovingly and carefully crafted entirely by hand.

The Habulous studio is situated in the beautiful and contrasting county of Devon on Dartmoor, England, a source of constant inspiration for Nicky and her team. Habulous’ small team all contribute their own artistic ideas and abilities, adding to authentic nature of our product ranges.’