Gabrielle Treanor wellbeing & mindfulness coach

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  • Gabrielle Treanor wellbeing & mindfulness coach and teacher. More specifically, I’m The Overthinkers’ Coach as well as a writer and podcaster. I can help you (as I have 1500+ others) spend less time overthinking and more time enjoying your life.


    • Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone and everything while your own needs are overlooked?

    • Do you feel stressed, trapped, weighed down by worry and a slave to your busy, overthinking brain?

    • Do you want to feel lighter, confident, more free, and more at ease with yourself?

    • Are you tired of juggling all your responsibilities and worrying what everyone else is thinking?

    • Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fun in your life and life is passing you by?

    • Are you ready to calm your overthinking mind and start living the relaxed, free, joy-filled life you want and deserve?

    You’re in the right place.


    Life isn’t just for living, it’s for thriving

    I’m a certified life coach, and life-long overthinker, and I have created a range of online courses that empower you to break loose of the worry burden and to feel free, calm and confident to thrive in your life. To allow the real you that’s become lost to shine through.

    I also offer 1:1 coaching so we can work on your specific challenges and create an inspiring plan for you to spend less of your time, energy and brain power overthinking, and instead live your life with calm, joy and confidence.

    Get your Free Mental Health First Aid Kit

    Click here to get access to your Free Mental Health First Aid Kit including worksheets, meditations and playlist.

    Here’s what I have to share with you


    One-to-one coaching

    If you’re ready to take action to free yourself from your overthinking, to move towards living the life you want, to work on your specific challenges in your unique life with someone who understands and hears you, take a look at my one-to-one coaching services here.

    worry less for life mindfulness coaching gabrielle treanor

    Online courses

    Through my range of online courses I’ve helped more than 1,500 people to worry less and enjoy life more. The range of material I’ve created to enable you to live the joyful, contented life you want is growing all the time. Take a look at the Courses.


    Podcast for overthinkers

    Pressing Pause is the podcast for overthinkers. I share inspiration, ideas and actions to help you calm your overworrying mind. Listen and find out how to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, iTunes and Stitcher on the Podcast page.


    Seasonal E-book

    gabrielle treanor spring mindfulness free ebook

    Savour the Season: Step into Spring with Mindful Intention Ebook is a guide to fully participating in Spring, to making the most of all the season has to offer and to being intentional about how we want to move through Spring and into the Summer.


    Private Facebook group

    I have a free Facebook group where you can share what’s going on in your overthinking head. We don’t deny the difficulties we’re experiencing and we do look for the good stuff in life and shine a light on it. Join me in the group by clicking this link.


    Emails, blog posts and resources

    I share ideas, inspiration and information for positive personal development, as well as interviews with others living their best life. Every other Thursday I send out an email Note with ideas and inspiration, updates on what’s happening in my life, on new courses, photo challenges on Instagram and blog post links.


    gabrielle treanor wellbeing coach

    About me

    For most of my life I lived in my head – overthinking, rehashing the past, what if-ing the future and thinking that if I could just keep control of all that’s going on everything and everyone would be okay.


    And then, things changed, I changed. I’d had enough of feeling stuck in my head and I was done with overthinking everything. I wanted to feel freedom in my life and I was ready to take action. I discovered the field of positive psychology, I learned everything I could from mindset to self-compassion, from mindfulness to gratitude, from self-talk to meditation, and I experimented with everything I discovered on myself. Through trial and error I learned how to untangle myself from my thoughts, to soothe my whirring brain, to feel calmer, lighter, less stressed, to cope better with challenges and to really participate in my life, feeling more joy each day.


    I’m still a deep thinker. I still care greatly about the people and world around me. There are times when I catch myself what if-ing but it’s okay because I can recognise when it’s helpful and, most importantly, when it’s not, and I know how to help myself before my brain spirals off into an overthinking whirlwind.


    It’s because of the journey I’ve been on that I can share how you can worry less and enjoy life more (without the years of study, experimentation, trial and error). I’m a certified life coach having trained with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, as well as completing positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute, mindfulness with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, plus I’ve completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education Program with the Neuroscience Academy.


    I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your head, like you’re always going to be a worrier and that you’ll never be able to relax enough to really enjoy what’s going on in your life. And I know that none of this is true, it is possible to calm your mind, worry less and enjoy life more.



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    gabrielle treanor wellbeing and mindfulness coaching and podcasts to comfort and inspire you. Click through to get all the details you need to download Gabrielle's free ebook guides to mindfulness, wellbeing and happiness as well as her podcasts, coaching and courses. #mindfulness #anxiety #worryless #coaching #frombritainwithlove #podcasts

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