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September 8, 2016

I first came across aCATHRO design (listed in our directory here) at Tent London when I stopped to get a better look at the beautiful Quarry lamp. Then I saw the Florry light with its pretty scalloped edge and I wanted to know more.

David Cathro runs the design business with his wife Celia and he was manning the stand the evening I was there. We got chatting and he explained how the business has worked hard with British suppliers and producers to create a range of contemporary designs. I loved to hear about the inspiration behind the designs on show.

Quarry lamp by A Cathro Design


Why Quarry? I asked. The answer was beautifully simple. Because when viewed from below, the lamp resembles an open cast Quarry with its stepped layers. When lit, the lamp produces a soft and wide diffuse light with the individual layers of ply shown off in their natural state. David explained how Quarry is made from laminated FSC Certified Birch Plywood. Each layer is 24mm thick and is laminated on both sides. I loved the contrast between the grain of the plywood and the colours of the surfaces. My favourite is the creamy white one. Quarry is now available to buy made to order.

Florry Lamp A Cathro design


What I love about this design is how a pretty, traditional idea is made contemporary by the use of modern manufacture techniques. Made from Jesmonite, Florry is currently in development in 2 colours – dark grey and cream. We think Florry is set to be a success when it launches shortly, so watch this space for updates.  The name this time is taken from David’s Grandma who was called Florence, Florry for short. The perfect name for a design that is reminiscent of old style lampshades that your grandma might have, whilst remaining contemporary.

blomp a cathro design

As well as lighting, David also talked me through the other great designs on show.


…is a handmade wall mounted coat hook and recepticle for keys, credit cards etc. Made from resin in a range of beautiful colours, there is something very tactile about Blomp. Really useful too. I’d have a row of three in different colours in a hallway or office space.

nibby by a cathro design


meanwhile, is a clever natural birch ply coat rack available in white, grey or teal.



…is the company’s latest design and is a sturdy coat hook with a distinctive industrial feel. This would look great in a boy’s bedroom don’t you think?

aCATHRO design is listed in the From Britain with Love directory

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