Wildsmith Skin Active Repair copper peptide cream



Wildsmith Skin Active Repair copper peptide cream

A powerful copper peptide moisturiser designed restructure the skin’s collagen and restore firmness. Skin feels regenerated and restructured thanks to the increase in collagen that the Peptide Complex helps to promote. A low weight hyaluronic acid acts like a moisture magnet to plum up the skin and lock in hydration, limiting water loss, ensuring water tightness and stimulating collagen. It delivers antioxidant protection, preventing cellular damage and removing damaged collagen and elastin. Skin appears smoother by limiting facial contractions which leads to lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Bible review: ‘This actually beat all the other creams we trialled in the most recent Beauty Bible Awards! As one tester commented: ‘I can’t get enough of this cream – it is completely addictive. Loved the smell which to me is quite important as I will eventually not use something if I don’t like the smell of it.  The results on my skin were outstanding and something I will struggle to live without; my skin has never felt so healthy and smooth and glass like.  The texture is lovely and creamy with a boost of hydration on first application which keeps getting better the more you use it.’

The science

Let us take you through the science:

Wildsmith Skin Copper Peptide Complex infuses the cells with copper ions to increase wound healing. It helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. It offers the ultimate antioxidant protection for collagen, elastin. Helps to firm and tighten skin. 

Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid is a low weight hyaluronic acid that can hold up to a 1000 x its own weight in moisture. A powerful humectant to draw in and hold moisture to achieve a plumping and softening effect on the skin.

Wildsmith Line Relaxant & Collagen Boosting Complex: A combination of Spilanthes (paracress flower) and Astragalus (milkvetch plant roots) limits facial contractions for a natural tightening effect.

Clinically Tested over a period of 28 days by 34 female subjects aged 18 to 65, with dry to very dry skin. The results

89% of subjects showed a significant restructuring effect with a 30% decrease in the skins protein content, indicating an increase in epidermal cell renewal.

71% of subjects showed a significant increase in collagen density of +6%.

100% said skin felt softer and nourished.

97% said skin felt smoother and moisturised. 91% said skin felt regenerated.