Soak Sunday Scented Candle, Cleo’s Paradise


This heavenly Soak Sunday Scented Candle, Cleo’s Paradise, is a harmonious marriage of spring flower honey and soothing oatmeal to bring calm


Soak Sunday Scented Candle, Cleo’s Paradise

Evoke the experience of Egyptian reincarnation, this is Cleo’s Paradise.

 A harmonious marriage of spring flower honey and soothing oatmeal, intricately woven with hints of vanilla, golden-hued honeycomb and gently roasted oats. Light to induce a sense of immortal calm. 

 Illuminate me

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use.

 230g Burn time approx. 35 hours

Cleo’s Recipe 

Ingredients for mind & soul …

Spring Flower Honey ~ a sensuous drizzle of rich honey adds a smooth, sweet accent that blossoms with a touch of amber to luxuriate and comfort.

 ~ a deep and honeyed note with a smooth rich accent of beeswax to add an addictive sweetness and warmth

Gently Roasted Oats 
~ wholesome oats gathered from the field, mouth watering addictive and sensual.

 ~ creamy, sensual, rich, heady and seductive. This inviting scent nurtures and comforts, feeding your soul and mind. 

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About Soak Sunday

Sensorial, sustainable & indulgent bath & body care to soothe body, mind & soul.  Inspired by lazy weekends and the power of natural bath botanicals, Soak Sunday is bringing back bath time.  Time to sink in, time to switch off and savour… More than just a simple soak, we’re bringing back bath time as a moment to indulgently relax, unwind and unite body and mind, losing yourself in the art of slow beauty. Made in the UK, the glass and aluminium bottles evoke and awaken, telling stories through thoughtful design and indulgent experiences. Savour the unboxing, indulge in the aesthetic, sink into the sensorial. Delivered in boxes that are made with FSC certified board, printed with soy ink and are 100% recyclable.For an indulgent experience with minimal waste, cleanse the day & let worries soak into the water and drain away …

Ethos Vegan Cruelty Free 98-100% natural Storytelling through design Glass, aluminium & recyclable packaging

The Recipe for a perfect Soak Sunday… ~ Selfcare ~ Me-time ~ Indulgence ~ Soothing Scents~ Botanical Blends ~ No distractions ~