Soak Sunday Cleo’s Paradise Bath & Body Oil


This blissful Soak Sunday Cleo’s Paradise Bath & Body Oil soothes skin and mind with almond, oat, vegan manuka honey, chamomile and jojoba


Soak Sunday Cleo’s Paradise Bath & Body Oil

Soothe skin and mind with this almond, oat and vegan manuka botanical bath & body oil.

De-stress your senses and let calming chamomile and soothing jojoba nourish skin whilst easing mind, body and spirit. 


aaand breathe… 

Pour under running water, sink into a hot bath and breathe in the intoxicating aroma, letting worries soak into the water and drain away. Or apply directly to damp skin as a nourishing body oil. Shop our full Cleo’s Paradise Range.

Cleo’s Recipe 

Ingredients for mind, body & soul …

Almond & Manuka Oil ~ Cleopatra may have bathed in milk and honey, we’ll take this equally indulgent (but vegan) alternative instead. Nourish, soften and soothe for a heavenly calm.

Chamomile ~ worshipped through time and revered by ancient Egyptians, gently unwind your mind and therapeutically soothe your skin

Oat ~  wholesome, mouth watering and a natural moisturiser, this soothing ingredient is packed with antioxidants and natural skin protectants to nourish and soothe

Jojoba Oil ~  indulgently calming, vitamin rich and glow inducing to soothe, nourish and de-stress. 

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About Soak Sunday

Sensorial, sustainable & indulgent bath & body care to soothe body, mind & soul.  Inspired by lazy weekends and the power of natural bath botanicals, Soak Sunday is bringing back bath time.  

Time to sink in, time to switch off and savour… More than just a simple soak, we’re bringing back bath time as a moment to indulgently relax, unwind and unite body and mind, losing yourself in the art of slow beauty. Made in the UK, the glass and aluminium bottles evoke and awaken, telling stories through thoughtful design and indulgent experiences. Savour the unboxing, indulge in the aesthetic, sink into the sensorial.

Delivered in boxes that are made with FSC certified board, printed with soy ink and are 100% recyclable.

For an indulgent experience with minimal waste, cleanse the day & let worries soak into the water and drain away …

Ethos Vegan Cruelty Free 98-100% natural Storytelling through design Glass, aluminium & recyclable packaging

The Recipe for a perfect Soak Sunday… ~ Selfcare ~ Me-time ~ Indulgence ~ Soothing Scents~ Botanical Blends ~ No distractions ~