Rosie Sugden cashmere bed socks


These Rosie Sugden cashmere bed socks are really something special. Sumptuously soft and crafted with Scottish cashmere in a family mill

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Rosie Sugden cashmere bed socks from Fortnum & Mason

Bedtime can’t come soon enough when there’s a pair of these heavenly Rosie Sugden Bed Socks, just waiting to ward off those chilly winter nights. These sumptuously soft socks are made in the Rosie Sugden family run mill on the Scottish Borders, and are a real treat for your feet.

Rosie Sugden cashmere bed socks are individually hand linked at the toe, to ensure ultimate comfort and fit, and are also knitted with a small percentage of Nylon to facilitate elongated wear.

One size, UK 4-7

Available in 5 colours:






About Rosie Sugden Scottish Cashmere socks

British based designer Rosie Sugden founded her eponymous label in 2011. Her accessories line combines her idiosyncratic take on contemporary design with the inherent natural beauty of Scottish Cashmere. All brought out through extraordinary craftsmanship.

Her designs are hugely influenced by her surroundings, like the rolling hills of Scotland where she is based.. These aspects of art, fashion, and culture are reflected in each individual Rosie Sugden collection and we hope you will get as much pleasure in owning and wearing these unique designs, as Rosie has had in creating them.

The Philosophy

The emphasis is on creating long-lasting products as an antidote to the throw away clothing mentality and in support of British manufacturing industry. Therefore all the cashmere is made in Scotland.

Product story

All our products are made from 2ply woollen spun Scottish yarn. The fibre used is 100% chinese raw material from the upper grasslands of Alashan in Inner Mongolia. Each spring in April the fibre is combed from the goats before being sorted, washed and de-haired,whence it begins the long journey to the Highlands of Scotland where it is dyed and spun in a 200 year old mill. Material is always dyed in open fibre form, ensuring the softest of handle, brightest hue and longevity of the product; the true hallmarks of Scottish cashmere. These products are built to last.