Personalised Christmas bauble glass bottle with map


This Personalised Christmas bauble is made from a glass bottle with vintage map from your special place and embossed message tag


Personalised Christmas bauble glass bottle with map

Celebrate a special memory with this personalised map in a cute glass bottle Christmas bauble with your message engraved on a wooden gift tag.

A miniature map location memory stored forever in a keepsake glass bottle. A perfect Christmas keepsake gift.

Choose any location in the world, a holiday, wedding, honeymoon, new home or place of birth. A baby’s first Christmas.

We will select a tiny piece of vintage map that features the place of your choice and seal it into this little glass bottle.

It’s a perfect keepsake ornament that can be treasured for years to come.

Small: 4.5cm x 2 cm

Regular: 9.5cm x 3.7cm

Bombus we are the original home of framed map artworks. Meaningful, thoughtful, and personal gifts for your special gifting events. They’ll never forget a Bombus gift!

This personalised Christmas bauble is just one of our handmade holiday decorations

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