Navy Stripe Recycled Cotton Blanket


I love this Navy and Cream Stripe Recycled Cotton Blanket made in England by Atlantic Blankets from supersoft sustainable fabric


Navy Stripe Recycled Cotton Blanket by Atlantic Blankets

You, Me & the Sea design blanket made from super soft recycled cotton in England.

The ‘You, Me and the Sea’ blanket celebrates togetherness and the wonderful ocean that surrounds us.

Designed in Cornwall and made from recycled cotton, it takes relaxation to a whole new level and is extremely versatile, too. The perfect size for wrapping over your shoulders or reclining under the sun, enjoy its super-soft feel wherever your adventures take you next.


160 x 110cm

Made from

75% recycled cotton, 25% other fibres.

Gentle machine wash at 30 degrees. Line dry and fluff up quickly on a low heat in the tumble drier.

A bit about Atlantic Blankets

Atlantic Blankets is a family run business  by the sea in Cornwall. We design our blankets in Cornwall, and make them sustainably in the British Isles, each one carrying the essence of the Atlantic in its soft fibres.

Wrap, roll, lovingly drape over your sofa, or throw onto the sand. Our blankets are an antidote to interrupting tech. A signal to slow down, breathe and live simply. No user manual included.


Our founding vision: to make a blanket soft enough to comfort a newborn and this caring spirit lives on in everything we do, from the products we create, to the folk we employ. We’ve slowly built a community around our ideals, a tight knit tribe bound by a common yearning for the Atlantic coast.


The Atlantic is the second largest ocean on our planet, it’s known to separate the old and new world. It is vast and unpredictable, it wrecks ships, washes otherworldly beasts onto our beaches and is the backdrop to our workshop on the North Cornwall coast. The Atlantic’s strength and breadth are almost beyond our minds, but it harbours a delicate ecosystem which needs safeguarding. We’re here to respect and help protect the fragile resource which is our namesake.


A blanket is the simplest of objects, a square of soft yarn, open to interpretation. Wrap, throw, roll, lovingly drape over your sofa, or toss onto the sand. Our blankets don’t come with a user manual, they are an antidote to interrupting tech, a signal to slow down, to breathe and live simply.


Our blankets gather meaning with age. They harvest happy memories with every outing, carrying the essence of good times in their fibres. We hope that you will pass our blankets down to the next in line, a symbol of optimism, joy and resilience.

Atlantic Blankets are listed in the From Britain with Love directory

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