Merchant & Mills Tailor’s shears


Merchant & Mills’ tailor’s shears are a high-quality crafting tool, made in Sheffield and built to last ideal for any dress maker or tailor



Merchant & Mills Tailor’s shears

These traditional tailor’s shears from Merchant & Mills are a high-quality crafting tool, made in Sheffield and built to last.

Merchant & Mills’ tailor’s shears are ideal for budding tailors, and those who’d like to give clothes-making a shot. Forged from high-carbon tool steel, the blades are chromium plated and treated with corrosion protection on the inside. They feature offset handles and a machined pivot screw.

By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.


  • Traditional tailor’s shears
  • Chromium plated side
  • Corrosion protection on the inside
  • Forged from high carbon tool steel
  • Offset handles
  • Machined pivot screw
  • Made in Sheffield

High Carbon Tool Steel, Chromium Plated
L: 20.3cm

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Merchant & Mills was born from a desire to bring together a new vanguard of doers and makers, while also paying respect to the rich history and traditions of crafting. Founded in 2010 by designer Carolyn Denham and photographer Roderick Field, it evokes the ‘make do and mend’ attitude of years gone by, with a sharp focus placed on high-quality materials and timeless designs.