Master Herbalist Diploma Course


This online Master Herbalist Diploma Course teaches how to make herbal preparations and ways that plants can be used for healing


Master Herbalist Diploma Course

Welcome to the Master Herbalist Diploma Course, which will guide you through the ancient art of herbal medicine. This course offers you a framework that will shape all your future interactions with herbs, ensuring that you can study each herb fully, with an excellent understanding of its active constituents, its therapeutic actions and potential uses, and then use it safely, in the most effective manner.

You’ll study the history of herbal medicine and find out the roots of this incredible healing modality, before moving on to study plant botany and plant chemistry (in the context of herbal medicine).

Studying this online Master Herbalist Course, you’ll be prepared to use herbs safely, as you gain an understanding of issues such as contraindications and drug-herb interactions. You’ll gain confidence working with herbs and how to work with safety at the forefront of your mind.

With the foundations of your knowledge set, you’ll go on to learn about the herbs you’ll be using, as you discover how to use various plants to treat the ailments of the body’s 6 systems. There will plenty of mini herb profiles for you to study and they will guide you in the areas you need to cover when learning about a new herb.

Through the Master Herbalist Diploma Course, you’ll explore two more herbal healing modalities – traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. By studying these you’ll gain the opportunity to consider approaches that might suit your style of herbalism, as not everyone wants to take a purely Western approach.

Of course, you will be guided through the systems used by Western herbalists for formulating herbs. You’ll learn how herbalists conduct their consultations, including the questions they ask to extract the information that will ultimately lead to their herb choices.

You’ll find out how to make herbal preparations and gain insight into two other ways that plants can be used for healing, as you explore essential oils and flower essences. The Master Herbalist Diploma Course also talks you through some herb gardening basics and offers advice about foraging for herbs.

Finally, you’ll be shown how herbalists move on with their qualifications to open herbal businesses and just what this takes. You’ll reflect on the changing times, covering not only the traditional herbal clinic route but also modern, online-based herbalism.

There is also an advanced version of this course: Advanced Master Herbalist Diploma Course