Handmade Linen Dress


Handmade Linen Dress ethically and sustainably made using 100% linen in small production runs by Amelie London. Flattering style with three quarter sleeves, split front, scoop neckline and tie sash belt with slightly puffed sleeves


Handmade Linen Dress

100% Handmade Linen Dress handmade by Amelie Linen Clothes of London.

Super fresh and light dress, made in high-quality linen in a new small studio focused in timeless linen pieces. 

Handmade Linen Dress details

Made from medium weight, softened linen fabric in small production to reduce waste.

All Amelie clothes are hand-made and ethically produced.

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About Amelie

Amélie represents a small team of women, all hard workers with the dream of building their own business and contribute to a community with a unique, timeless pieces working along with a sustainable environment. Made with love in London and Lisbon.

Why linen?

Amelie: ‘Unlike cotton which requires an extra 650.000 million cubic meters of water, flax crops do not require irrigation, the crop can grow with rain fall alone.

In addition, our suppliers worked with their own source of water. When processing they use water which has filtered through basalt rock. This water is naturally soft with no impurities which is important for the processing of linen.’

Sustainable production

From production to shipping Amélie always use the most recyclable materials promoting a sustainable environment.

Supporting local business

Amelie work closely with a small studio also contributing for other small business growth’s with good and comfortable working conditions at a fair price.

Their stock inventory is limited to small quantities to avoid waste at all levels – from fabrics to shipping