Feldspar Cobalt Teapot


This beautiful Feldspar Cobalt Teapot is crafted in Devon in fine bone china with beautiful hand-painted dark cobalt blue handles


Feldspar Cobalt Teapot

Expertly handcrafted in Devon from fine bone china, the elegant Tea Pot is finished with a transparent glaze that brings out the crisp white finish of the china and enhances its dimpled profile. Completed by a deep-cobalt hand-painted handle, each pot is the perfect place to create your favourite brew.

Committed to crafting designs with lifelong durability, Feldspar designs each piece from its thatched studio overlooking Dartmoor. Supporting local business, its designs are crafted by skilled craftspeople across the UK using the finest local materials.

Feldspar Cobalt Teapot Details

  • Crafted in Devon by Feldspar
  • Expertly handcrafted from fine bone china
  • Designed for life and dishwasher safe

A bit about Feldspar Studio

Feldspar began in late 2016 after Jeremy and Cath Brown moved from London to the wilds of Dartmoor in Devon for a slower pace of life and some (head)space. Before they knew it, they’d bought a pottery wheel and made a 20-piece dinner set in time for Christmas. 

 Their ethos was to create ‘objects for life’ – beautiful things made properly and to last, with an elegant and simple aesthetic to weather the trends of time. Inspired by items their grandparents used daily that were 50, or even 300 years old and still serving their purpose perfectly, Jeremy and Cath began by making a mug for coffee. With a wonky profile to sit perfectly in the hand (mugs are only cylindrical because they are easier to make that way) and a fine handle hand-painted in a deep Cobalt blue to echo the palette of classic china. Made out of fine bone china (the strongest type of ceramic) by a family pottery in Stoke on Trent. 

In 2018 Feldspar set up their own ceramics studio in Devon to supplement the production in Stoke. The team make everything using a method called ‘slip casting’ – pouring liquid clay into plaster moulds. Mould making, slip-casting and industrial bone china production are all listed as critically endangered crafts by the Heritage Crafts Association in the UK. Many of the larger potteries in England now only serve as museums and showrooms, with all of their wares being made (more cheaply) abroad. We were anxious to preserve the skills and craft required to keep bone china production going in England, and to show that it is perfectly possible to make things from start to finish in the UK. Our Devon pottery now makes half of all our ceramics, and everything we make is hand painted there.