Cambridge Imprint Cloud of Butterflies kit



Cambridge Imprint Cloud of Butterflies kit

This kit contains everything you need to make 36 delicate paper butterflies: 36 sheets of 150 x 150 mm assorted Cambridge Imprint patterned paper, with a clearly illustrated booklet of instructions, all in a beautiful patterned box with coloured lining. Simple and satisfying to make, the butterflies make pretty and unusual decorations, and once constructed can be kept forever. Wired onto a branch of blossom they make a particularly beautiful and striking spring party decoration.

The butterfly is a reasonably simple origami, suitable for anyone over the age of 7 . The instruction booklet tells you everything you need to know. However, it is much easier to show rather than describe a process of this kind, so if you find you could do with some extra help you will find our demonstration video in the ‘How To’ section.

Take paper crafting to the next level with this origami cloud of butterflies kit from small paper-making business, Cambridge Imprint.

Praised for its unflinching way with colour and joyful illustrations, Cambridge Imprint delivers high-quality paper goods with a lively, hand-drawn aesthetic. Printed in Bethnal Green, London, using spot-colour lithographic printing and vegetable oil-based inks, this kit has everything you need to create 36 dainty paper butterflies, including a booklet of instructions. Wire them together to create a striking party decoration.

Cambridge Imprint Cloud of Butterflies kit features

    • Origami cloud of butterflies kit


    • 36 sheets


    • Instructions included


  • Patterned box

90gsm Paper
H: 15cm, W: 15cm


Cambridge Imprint make a stylish range of artisan products in pattern paper and ceramics, with a lively hand-block feel, joyful illustration and typography, printed in beautiful vibrant colours.