Pippa Greenwood’s favourite handmade gifts for gardeners

December 5, 2017

My favourite Gardener’s Question Time panellist, Pippa Greenwood, shares her favourite handmade gifts for gardeners as well as a few of her simple festive pleasures that include heading out, spade in hand, to find the perfect Christmas tree; cooking for the people she loves and the ritual of unpacking age-old decorations each year. If you’re looking for handmade gift for gardeners that will be really well received, Pippa has the perfect suggestions…

I love Christmas, always have and hope I always will. It is a very relaxed time of year. I make an art of NOT going anywhere on Christmas day as cooking for people I love is eminently preferable to sitting in a car. Having said that, the cooking is always quite full-on, especially since we have three strict veggies in our house and one meat-eater, friends and family of a wide range of eating persuasions and preferences and this year we’ll be adding a vegan to the mix too. So what do I love about it? Mainly people and the fact that no one is working. Combine that with a real Christmas tree (the classic Picea abies, the one with wonderfully aromatic needles, not the nasty grey-blue-greenish non-drop sort!), home-made chestnut stuffing and Christmas pudding and a glass or two of my sloe gin, what could be better?!

wylds farm christmas trees

The tree is really important, not just the right sort but we always go to the local Christmas tree farm, usually Wylds Farm near Liss (above and below), armed with a spade to spend a ridiculously long time choosing just the most perfect tree we can find.

how to pick the perfect christmas tree and great gifts for gardeners with BBC garden expert pippa greenwood. Click through for gift ideas for gardeners that are sure to be well receivedwylds farm liss christmas treesfinding the perfect christmas tree garden expert pippa greenwood shares her tips. Click through for more ideas as well as christmas gifts for gardeners that are sure to be well receivedImage credit: Tina Bolton Photography and Sarah Sheldrake

Decorating the tree

I love tree decorations too, adore indulging in a few new ones but also have some which we have had pretty well forever and which are unpacked with ceremony each year. We often make gingerbread biscuit decorations too – when the kids were small there were gingerbread houses, collapsing under the weight of excessive quantities of edible decorations.


I love to bring a bit of outdoors into the house at Christmas – we bag up some holly in the woods at least a month before Christmas day to ensure we have plenty to decorate the house and of course to make a wreath for the door, and for table decorations.

handmade gifts for gardeners - chosen by Pippa Greenwood and sure to be loved by real gardeners and lovers of handmade quality

Choosing handmade gifts for gardeners:

Gardeners are essentially practical people, so finding something useful is paramount. But useful that is also beautiful ticks two essential boxes. I don’t have a lot of time for the flimsy trug-filled gift sets for ‘gardeners’ that fill the shelves at this time of year. Many of them don’t contain anything I’d actually use. It’s a bit like the kids gardening sets with flower pots that don’t have any drainage holes! Buying handmade gifts for gardeners is a way to ensure you buy quality, lasting items that won’t speed their way to landfill. Gardeners tend to love lasting quality and handmade. It fits somehow with a love of plants and appreciating the natural world.

Gardening tools, cloches, twine, gloves, plants, clothing all go down well. Or a gardening book to while away the winter evenings and provide inspiration for the year ahead.  I’ve had some great gardening gifts over the years including a wheel barrow, a SpeedHoe (the best hoe I have ever used and I’ve now given several as presents!) bulbs… and a truck load of manure (well-rotted, of course!!)

Handmade gifts for gardeners #1: Grow your Own with Pippa

pippa greenwood

Think you know someone who would love to discover the joys of growing your own veg? Someone who might need a little help along the way? The solution is simple: the unique ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ system. You choose the vegetables you would like to grow from the range on offer (all tasty good-performing favourites of mine!)

grow your own with pippa greenwood gift voucher

The plants, all specially grown for me in Lincolnshire, UK, will be sent out to you as really good-sized garden-ready plants and at a perfect time for planting (approx early to mid-May)

perfect christmas gifts for gardeners idea - grow your own veg with BBC gardening expert pippa greenwood. Click through for details as well as other gift ideas gardeners are sure to love

Each week I’ll email with all you need to do with your chosen crops – starting with soil preparation and pre-planting advice and guiding you right through from planting to the best ways to harvest for maximum yield and best quality. Advice includes feeding, watering, staking/supporting, pinching out, thinning and of course, pest, disease and problem warnings and advice… and maybe the occasional recipe!

These unique emails are tailor-made to your chosen crops and as I grow the entire range myself too, I know what is really happening each week.

grow your own pippa greenwood gardeners diary

There are three packages to choose from, starting at £29 for 4 vegetable crop packs. If you can’t be there in person, my grow your own gift vouchers make a great postable option. Add a signed copy of my Gardener’s Calendar to any of the three voucher types and save £2 on the full retail price. GYO gift voucher for pack A, with a signed book costs £36.

Save 10% by entering discount code 12484-GHQOB at checkout. Valid until 28th Feb 2018.

Handmade gifts for gardeners #2: Garden Aprons & Carriers

A great gift choice for gardening lovers. The key is to go for something robust, well-made and with pockets roomy enough to keep twine, snippers and bits and pieces handy. It should also look good so you enjoy wearing it. Here are two of the best:

Gardener’s Gift set by The Stitch Society, £48-60

Stitch Society garden apron

Love this Gardener’s Apron gift set by The Stitch Society. It’s available in a range of styles including demi or pinafore aprons, as well as three robust fabric choices that include dark blue denim, black denim and this stylish stripe. Each apron is made to order in Yorkshire and arrives beautifully packaged in a branded black gift box with tissue, orange ribbon and a spool of orange Nutscene garden twine.  You really can’t go wrong…

Handmade gardener’s apron by Denys & Fielding, £20

denys and fielding gardeners apron

These handsome aprons are hand made in Kent using a robust British-made black canvas as the base and a decorative pocket added in a range of Denys & Fielding’s own exclusive fabric designs. The pocket is good and roomy – big enough to keep your snips, secateurs and string handy. Favourite fabric choice is this one: Patsy. Well worth knowing that these lovely handmade aprons come gift wrapped in a box with tissue and ribbon at no extra charge.

Back door gardening bag by Carrier Company, £19.50

carrier company back door gardening bag

A great idea. Do as the name suggests – and keep one by the back door. This sturdy bag is hand made in Norfolk and will hold enough hand tools, string and labels for those who love to grab every spare moment to nip into the garden for a quick bit of maintenance. Made with sturdy canvas and jute, it also has a pocket in the front for your mobile phone, so you can be ‘at your desk’ while dead heading the roses… Shortlisted at the Chelsea Flower Show as Garden Product of the Year.


Handmade gifts for gardeners #3: Gardener’s Skincare

Eucalyptus & Lavender gardener’s bath oil, £16.50

love this handmade natural bath oil for gardeners by denys and fielding. Click through to see more handmade gifts for gardeners as chosen by GQT panellist Pippa Greenwood #giftsforgardners #handmade #gifts #gardeners #frombritainwithlove #naturalskincare

Love this new collection of handmade natural skincare by Denys & Fielding:

The range includes five key components – a rich, nourishing hand balm for hardworking hands; a nail pumice – to cleanse and polish to grubbiest of nails and a choice of three bath oils – to ease, soothe and nourish tired, dry skin.

Nail Pumice, £7.50

love this gardener's nail pumice for gardeners by denys and fielding. Click through to see more handmade gifts for gardeners as chosen by GQT panellist Pippa Greenwood #giftsforgardners #handmade #gifts #gardeners #frombritainwithlove #naturalskincare

All products are made from natural, plant based oils & butters are free of all nasties and vegan-friendly. Rich in aromatherapy benefits, essential oils are blended with shea butter, jojoba wax and oils to create a beautiful, luxurious treat after a busy day.

Made for gardeners by gardeners each product is handcrafted in Kent, the Garden of England.


Handmade gifts for gardeners #4:

Anti-bramble handmade leather gardening gloves, by Bradleys, £33

bradleys heritage garden gauntlets

How many times has what started out as an afternoon of gentle pruning in the garden ended with your arms scratched to ribbons? These handmade fully lined leather gardening gloves have a full 20cm saddle hide leather cuff which gives great protection against brambles and other sharp plants. Beautifully made and very durable, these gloves make the ideal long-lasting and arm-saving gift.

Handmade gifts for gardeners#5

Birdball Seed Feeder, Green & Blue, £55

Ideal for anyone with a love of garden birds and an appreciation of great design. Made in Cornwall by Green and Blue, this simple and minimal design offers safe, year-round feeding for birds such as tits, sparrows, finches, woodpeckers and nuthatches. Available in a range of beautiful colours. Hours of pleasure to be had watching your feathered visitors come and go.


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