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Discover well crafted outdoor leisure and pet products made in Britain in our hand-picked directory. We’re not trying to source every UK maker or producer. Just the ones that we love and that we hope you’ll love too.

We search the British Isles quality pet products made in Britain and equipment for outdoor pursuits. Discover authentic wooden surfboards hand crafted in Cornwall, bicycles crafted in England to last a lifetime, boats to take to the water in fine style and much more.

We are passionate about supporting homegrown creative talent and small local businesses. We believe that it would benefit us all if we bought fewer throwaway, mass-produced products that speed their way to landfill. How much more enjoyable is it to buy something special that has been crafted with care in the UK? That way you’re supporting your local economy, helping to keep skills and crafts alive and also filling your life with objects of real value and beauty.

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