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Discover great British silversmiths & metalworkers. Since the Bronze Age, man has worked metal to create objects of beauty, status and use. Artisans over many generations have passed down and perfected these skills and techniques. Ways to shape molten and sheet metal and create something unique. We love to find makers creating metal objects with a beautiful simplicity. Made using traditional techniques combined with contemporary design.

We are passionate about supporting the UKs makers and artisans. By sharing the love with you, we hope that you will also spread the word and buy lovely things from them. Together we can help keep these artisans creating, and their skills alive. These craftspeople are important, not just because of the special objects they create, to last many lifetimes. But also because they are vital to our continued creative heritage.

We aren’t looking to showcase every artist working with metal in the UK. Just a hand-picked selection of the ones we love and we hope you’ll love too


    Helena Emmans

    About Helena Emmans – I am an artist inspired by the beautiful Isle of Skye where I live. I grew up in Edinburgh. I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a B.A Hons from the Embroidered and Woven Textiles Department. And I moved to the Isle of Skye 16 Read more [...]