Drake & Hutch colourful socks made in England

September 4, 2016

Drake & Hutch colourful socks made in England

Made in England Socks from Drake & Hutch on Vimeo.

New label Drake & Hutch have launched a campaign to support their British-made colourful and high quality cotton socks via, an online platform for funding creative projects. The Lancashire-based company plans to help breathe new life back into an industry that once thrived in the county.

Drake and Hutch socks made in England

Founded by former buyer, Pete McGuinness, Drake & Hutch creates everyday clothing essentials for women and men, designed in the heart of the countryside. ‘I loved working in the clothing industry buying and developing for high-street labels,’ says Pete. ‘But I was always disappointed that despite an incredible textile history in the UK, so little clothing was made here. Most of our suppliers are small family owned 3rd or 4th generation businesses and we work closely with them using our design capabilities and their expertise to create high quality wardrobe staples that are made to last, providing a little bit of affordable luxury you can enjoy everyday. Having regular contact with our suppliers means we know the clothing is being made ethically with fair wages supporting local communities.

‘Instead of planning by season and predicting customer needs 12 months in advance like most labels, we listen to our customers and constantly develop the range based on feedback. This keeps it exciting for us as everyday we are looking at ways to evolve while our customers feel more like partners.’

Drake and Hutch socks made in England

What will you get in return for your support?

Check out the campaign page for full details, but in essence, you will receive heavily discounted socks in return for your support. The first 500 socks should be ready in time for Christmas. Sounds like a feelgood idea all round to us.

Check out the Drake and Hutch lookbook here >>

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