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Ethical clothing made in UK

ethical clothing made in the UK

Ethical clothing made in UK using natural materials and ethical processes to ensure that the clothing we choose to wear doesn’t cause damage to our planet. Source the most beautiful ethical clothing made in Britain by hand-picked UK designer makers.

Find versatile pure linen dresses, jumpsuits, blouses and coats made in London by Lemuel MC; ethical knitwear by Ally B;original Guernsey sweaters and fair isle knits by Original Blues Clothing, hand-dyed indigo jackets, accessories and clothing by Indigowares, pretty essentials by Cabbages & Roses and more.

Consider the shocking facts: the fashion and footwear industries account for a combined estimate of 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and fashion is the third highest-polluting industry in the world.

Equally shocking is that three-fifths of all clothing items will end up in an incinerator or landfill within a year after being produced. When you sit these two facts alongside the fact that we are facing environmental catastrophe, it is surely a no-brainer that we all need to move towards a more ethical, sustainable approach to fashion.

Whether you’re looking for ethical clothing made in the UK using environmentally friendly materials and production methods, naturally tanned eco-conscious leather bags and accessories or handmade jewellery made with care for the wellbeing of our planet, you will find inspiration in our directory.

Our mission: to make it easier for you to shop more sustainably from small, independent ethical makers and producers. Our Virtual Market brings together hand-picked designer makers who share our passion for treading lightly on our planet. Cutting cheap, mass production.

Living more simply. Consuming less. Taking better care of the environment and doing all we can to avert environmental catastrophe. Because this is happening on our watch and it’s up to us to turn things around.

It’s important to repurpose, upcycle and source second hand as much as we can, but sometimes we just do need to buy something new. So it’s important to be able to buy from makers who share your values, which is where we step in.  Hope you find something you will love for years and years…