London Olympics closing ceremony

August 13, 2012

Last night was certainly one I won’t forget for a while. After a hot and hectic day spent trecking round Legoland with two small boys, I was looking forward to nothing more than a night on the sofa with a glass of wine or two. I certainly didn’t expect to be hotfooting it over to East London to watch the London Olympics closing ceremony.


But that’s exactly what happened when I got a call from my sister late yesterday afternoon saying that her husband wasn’t able to go to the ceremony and could I take his place. Moments later I was en route to Stratford for an evening of fabulous British festivities that didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was amazing, the lights and music pulsating, and the roar of the crowd deafening. Today I’ve almost completely lost my voice from singing and cheering and still can’t quite believe I was there. What an amazing event… congratulations to all of the athletes, volunteers and the general public who took part in the Olympics and showcased Britain at its very best. Now, bring on the Paralympics…!


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