Making It Work

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by photographer Helen Marsden and stylist Kellie Daggett to take part in a photography exhibition to celebrate the launch of Canbury Studio, a new purpose-built photography studio in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

The exhibition has a variety of themes which celebrate local life, and I was one of several mums photographed for the ‘Making It Work’ section, which Helen describes as “images of local people and their kids shot at home or at work which are all about juggling business, the school run, and being role models to your children”.

As I’ve never had a professional photo taken of my two boys, I jumped at the opportunity to have a shot of us all together in the garden. Despite the intermittent showers we managed to get the shot while the kids were still (just about) smiling and before the heavens opened once and for all.

Other themes explored in the exhibition include Origin: a photographic study of the provenance of food served at The Canbury Arms pub; Delivery Drivers: meet the people who deliver fresh produce and beverages week in week out; Footballers: celebrating the commitment and dedication of local boys and girls who play football several times a week, whatever the weather. The Tooth Fairy: a fun project that looks at the time in a child’s life when they loose their milk teeth and gain their adult their teeth. Their mouths can often be messy but the lovely thing is they don’t care and they still look beautiful!

The exhibition launches on 13th September at The Canbury Arms. Do pop along if you’re in the area…


Making It Work: Me and my boys! The ‘Crown’ children’s T-Shirts are by Hokolo.


Making It Work: Thea Gray, creator of the 308 maternity coat by Clark & Gray.


Origin: Exploring the provenance of the food served at The Canbury Arms.


Toothfairy: The delightful and transient charms of a gappy grin.


Canbury Studio: A new photography studio in Kingston-Upon-Thames.



  1. Katie Gordon says:

    What a fab photo! You all look gorgeous.

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