Love this book… Junk For Joy!

If you love breathing new life into old things then this book is for you, says craft journalist Clare Kelly.

If you’re a bit of a collector and are often described as ‘someone who can’t throw anything anyway’ then rest assured, author and green campaigner Siân Berry is here to help. Junk for Joy! is all about being resourceful but stylish and each project is designed to look good in your home, literally taking trash and turning it into treasure.

One of my favourite projects is the ‘kitchen cupboard revamp’ illustrating perfectly how paint can really transform a tired (but trusty) cupboard. And for those of you who collect wine corks and have pondered what to do with them, how about the ‘memo board’ – a great way to repurpose those neglected corks.

There are also lots of ideas which would work well as house-warming gifts such as the ‘padded chair transformed’ – it looks stunning but doesn’t take as long as you might imagine. In fact, you could pick up some cheap chairs in a junk shop and transform them all in about half a day.

Feeling inspired yet? Pick up a copy of Junk for Joy! and you soon will be.


Junk for Joy! by Siân Berry is published by Kyle Books, RRP £16.99.


  1. This looks like a book which is just up our street! We love upcycling too! Will have to look out for it in the bookshops. Thanks.

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