Learn how to decorate ‘fashionista’ iced cupcakes

Editor Nicky Sherwood visits the Flutterby Bakehouse in Chiswick to learn the art of sugarcraft on a fashion-themed cupcake decorating workshop.

I had been wanting to feature a cupcake decorating class for a while and was looking for something a little bit different, so when I came across the Flutterby Bakehouse’s ’Ladies That Lunch’ workshop I knew that this was one I had to try.

So on a sunny morning in October I made my way to Linda Rabie’s beautiful West London home. The bright and spacious dining area had been laid out with all of the sugracraft tools we’d be needing, and there was chilled out music playing in the background making it a very relaxing environment for learning some new skills.

Cupcake Decorating Workshop

First of all, Linda demonstrated how to prepare the sugarpaste icing by working in some Trex vegetable fat to make it easier to work with and stop it drying out. Next she explained how to colour the sugarpaste using a tiny amount of gel colour on a cocktail stick as a little goes a very long way. I made up three colours: a dusky pink, plus a turquiose and lime green which were set aside for later.

Cupcake Decorating Workshop

Our first decoration was a miniature pair of flip flops. For the soles we used a cutter which Linda had commissioned specially for the job. A contrasting icing colour was used for the toe thongs and pressed firmly into place, before a tiny flower was added for a pretty finishing touch.

Cupcake Decorating Workshop

Next up was a wide-brimmed floppy summer hat to go with the flip flops. This was made using a round cookie cutter, then gently stretching the edges of the circle with a tool to create the frilled brim. A contrasting ribbon was added and a trio of flowers to complete the look.

Then it was on to a more adventurous piece… a handbag which was to be made from scratch. Linda explained how to roll out a rectangle and shape one end to create the front flap. Then she showed how to score the quilted effect into the sugarpaste using a roller – this required quite a steady hand and nerves of steel (don’t forget to breathe!).

Cupcake Decorating Workshop

A small pillow shape of icing was then placed inside the bag to give it shape, before it was folded over and secured with a few dabs of edible glue. To finish, a tiny flower corsage was made using a punch cutter and applied to the bag, before being set aside to dry.

The final piece in our sugarpaste wardrobe was a glamorous high heeled shoe which was created using a special mould for the heel and shaped cutters for the sole, front and strap. We decided to roll small balls of pink icing into the green base to create a polka dot effect on the front and ankle strap.

Each of the four components was set aside to dry, using foam supports to help them stay in shape, before the shoe could be assembled uaing edible glue and decorated with a tiny flower.

Our miniature fashion statements complete, it was time for a quick bite for lunch before heading to Linda’s kitchen where we would be icing the cupcakes and assembling the decorations.

Linda demonstrated how to smooth the buttercream icing onto some of the cupcakes that she had prepared earlier. These were then dipped into a shallow dish of pearly cream sugar strands to coat the surface and create a firm base for our decorations.

The next technique, which took a little practice to get right, was to pipe ivory buttercream roses onto the remaining cupcakes. These would act as a support for our high heeled shoe decorations. Linda was ever the perfectionist and when my rosy swirl was less than perfect, it was swiftly scraped back into the bowl for me to have another go. The result was a collection of picture perfect rosepetal cupcakes – even if I do say so myself!

The it was time to gather up our sugarpaste fripperies and put them on display….

For our summer flip flips we had a bit of fun, piping blades of bright green ‘grass’ onto the remaining cupcakes, using a special piping nozzle. A sprinkling of tiny sugarpaste flowers were added to complete the look.

At the end of a very relaxing and creative day, I left Linda’s house with two cardboard cakeboxes filled with my decorated cupcakes, and masses of information, tips and techniques which I know I will use in the future. In fact, I have a feeling the school cake sale will never be quite the same again!



The Flutterby Bakehouse runs a variety of creative cupcake decorating courses as well as children’s parties. To find out more visit www.flutterbybakehouse.co.uk.


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