Get the Modern Rustic look

how to get the Modern Rustic interiors look

We love Modern Rustic interiors and here’s how to get the look. It’s important to keep your palette restrained and stick to calm, natural colours such as whites, soft greys and natural wood. It’s all about keeping the look pared back, uncluttered and calm, whilst remaining cosy.

get the modern rustic look

10 ways to get the look:

1 Paint walls white or soft grey and white

2 Add natural texture with animal skins, vintage leather furniture. soft pure linen, rustic and whitewashed wood, stone, burnished metal, plain rustic tiles and knitted fabrics.

3 Try painting reclaimed furniture with Annie Sloan paints in pale colours. We love the chalky finish and that the paint will literally go on top of anything. A simple and cost-effective way to gain new pieces of furniture. Try painting up simple solid wooden chests of drawers, traditional kitchen chairs and side tables. Great way to breathe new life into tired wooden pieces of furniture and good fun too!

4 Invest in some soft wool throws or blankets. It’s as much about the cosy feel and warmth as the look, so I’d always pay a bit more for soft, pure wool. Try Melin Tregwynt, Trefriw, Zeena or Madeleine Jude.

5 Bring the outside in with arrangements of natural foliage and simple flowers. If you keep your eyes open throughout the seasons, there should be something to pick in the hedgerows all year. We like to use vintage white creamware jugs as vases. If you keep your eyes open, these can be picked up easily and for very little at junk shops. Group in different sizes. Put stems in some and play until you like the look you’ve achieved. I like to group in threes with greenery in two but not the third. I love the way my vintage white jugs all have different textural designs but share a pure and simple single colour.

Check out our Modern Rustic Pinterest board for lots more ideas and inspiration on achieving this look

Modern Rustic

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