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Louise at the Studio

Harley Foundation Studios,
7 Tan Gallop,
Worksop Nottinghamshire S80 3LW

Tel: 07833 743 886

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Make as much as you like on Louise Presley's all inclusive nostalgic workshops, from tea and cakes to mountains of vintage and salvaged textiles. A collector from childhood means Louise has rows of old suitcases, hat boxes and button tins all filled to the brim with materials for you to rummage through. She offers an extensive programme of creative workshops where you can explore the idea of “sentimental salvage” (cutting up things that need a good home and a new sense of purpose).

As an experienced fashion and textile designer Louise has heaps of ideas, samples and patterns on had to help. Aimed at people of all abilities and skills, “anyone can sew with the smallest bit of help” says Louise and “when your making some thing with love its even easier”

Since she set up in 2003 Louise has played host to hundreds of women from designers, engineers to mums and daughters who just want a day for themselves to “play” and at the same time make something really practical and really personal. Louise’s private studio is a little bit of heaven not too far away and you don’t even have to tidy up at the end of the day!

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