Designer User Guide

Guide to using the Shop Admin Area 


Login to the Shop Admin Area at and go to Settings where you will see we have entered your business name and details.

1. Scroll down and upload your Listing Image. This is a square product image measuring 206 x 206 pixels which will display on the Designers page.

2. Next you will need to upload a main Header Image for your collection page. This is made up of three images combined into one single jpeg: (two portrait images each at 259px wide by 325px tall and one landscape image at 416px wide x 326px tall, to appear on the right hand side of the two portrait images). You will need to create one single jpeg with total dimensions of 934 x 326 pixels. If you need help with doing this in Photoshop, just let us know and we can do it for you.

3. Please answer the Q&A boxes as this creates the profile text on your pages (see example).


Login to the Admin Area Dashboard and click on the PRODUCTS EDIT tab which will take you to the My Products page. From the Type of Product dropdown menu select 'Default' which will bring up another dropdown menu where you should select 'Default' again. Then click on the 'Add new Product' button.

Please note we recommend clicking the Save and Continue Edit button (at the bottom of the page) at regular intervals, just so you don't lose any information you have entered.

Product name - When entering your product name, think about what search terms someone might put into google to find a product like yours (e.g. red cushion, personalised baby print, or handmade birthday card) and make sure these terms are included in your product’s name. It’s fine to include quirky product names, but do make sure the type of product is clear. E.g. a product simply called ‘Blue Bird’ is not going to rank highly in search results as it doesn’t say what type of product it is, whereas ‘Blue Bird Cushion’ is far more likely to be found by someone entering the term ‘blue cushion’ or ‘bird cushion’ into google. The product name shouldn’t be too long, but it should clearly describe the product. It’s fine to amend your product name once it has been uploaded and this will automatically update the URL key.

SKU - Please enter a unique SKU code for each product you list. If you don't have your own SKU codes just make one up (e.g. CARD-001).

Made in - Select the country of origin from the dropdown menu.

Price - Enter your price (inclusive of VAT) and without a pound sign (e.g. 20.00). 

VAT Status - If you are not VAT registered select 'None'. If you are VAT registered and the product is subject to VAT select 'VAT 20%'. If you are VAT registered but the product is not subject to VAT (e.g. childrenswear) select 'Zero rated - 0%'.

Status - Select Enabled

Description - Please add your product description here. Because google penalises duplicate content, it's important that you don't just copy and paste this information from your own website. Just make some small changes to the copy so that it's not copied word for word.

Please remember to highlight the unique qualities of your products as we know that our customers love to read about the story behind the products and how they have been made.

Please also ensure that you include relevant keywords in your description (i.e. the search terms that someone would put into google to find a product like yours - E.g. handmade linen cushion) as this will help your products to be found by search engines.

URL key - If left blank, the URL (i.e the website address that appears in the browser bar for that product) will be created automatically from the product name field. However if your product name is quite long, you also have the option to create a shorter URL by entering one here. 

Delivery (dispatch time) - Select your dispatch time from the dropdown menu. 

Categories Select the product categories for your product to appear in. Only the relevant categories will be displayed. If you need further category access, just let us know.

Stock quantity - Enter your stock level  here (please note that if you enter a stock level of 1, and that item sells, it will then be out of stock and will not display. Therefore it is advisable to put a stock level of more than 1 even for made to order items).

Stock status - Please select In Stock otherwise your item will not display.

Weight (to calculate Delivery charge) - Please enter the weight (in grams) that corresponds with the shipping price you would like to charge (see table below). Please note that this does not have to be the actual weight of the item (as the weight is not displayed on the front end). Simply enter the weight that corresponds to the delivery price you wish to charge.

Standard UK delivery

0g – 9g = free
10g - 50g = 50p
51g - 100g = 95p
101g - 250g = £1.75
251g - 500g = £2.50
501g - 750g = £2.95
751g - 1000g = £3.95
1001g - 1500g = £4.95
1501g - 2000g = £5.95
2001g - 5000g = £12.95
5001g - 10,000g = £15.95
10,001g - 15,000g = £19.95
+15,001g = £29.95

Optimising your products for SEO (search engine optimisation). The platform that runs the shop is highly SEO dynamic and will perform very efficiently in ranking your products highly on all major search engines. However, you do need to ensure that you enter the type of information that the search engines need in order to display your product pages in their search results. These are the meta title and meta description...

Meta title – This is used to give each product page a unique title. It can be seen in the top bar of a web browser and is also displayed in search engine results. Put the product name and designer / business name in this field. The meta title is importna tfor SEO - keep it to below 68 characters as this is all that google reads and displays in its search results.

Meta Keywords - Ignore this section as Google no longer uses this

Meta description – This is the short 2 line description which is displayed below the page title (meta title) in search engine results. This is your chance to sell your product to anyone finding it in search engine results, so make it appealing but jkeep it to under 255 characters which is what google will display.

N.B. Please note that neither the meta title nor the meta description appear on the front end of the website. They will only appear on the browser tab and in search engine results. If you need any help in writing these, just ask us.

Images - You can add a main product image (called Base image) and up to 5 thumbnails which display below the main image and are ideal for showing alternative views or close-ups of product detail. To upload an image from your computer, click on the orange 'browse files' button and select the image, then click on 'upload files' to upload it to the system. You will now be able to see the image has been uploaded. For the image you would like to use as your main image, please select all boxes (base, small and thumbnail). The alternative images don’t need to be selected, just given a number in the order you want them to display. The Base, Small and Thumbnail product images must be square and can be uploaded at a minimum of 330x330 pixels, or ideally at 800x800 pixels in order for the image zoom function to work effectively. Extra images need not be square and should be uploaded but none of the blue boxes should be selected.

Custom options - This is used to create the dropdown menus on your product page so that customers can select options such as: colour, size, personalisation etc. 

Please click on the Add New Option button.

Title Please name the type of option (eg size, ring size, colour etc)

Input Type Please select Text Field (where the customer can enter their own text - e.g. a name for personalised products) or Select Drop-down (where you have several fixed options for the customer to choose from - such as sizes or colours).

Is Required Select Yes if the customer must complete this field, or No if it's optional.

Sort Order Enter the relevant number for the order in which you would like your options to display, if you have multiple menu options.

If you select Input Type Text Field this will create a blank field for the customer to fill in. it will also give you the option to add a higher price, if required. E.g. if you charge an extra £3 for personalisation, or if a larger size costs more than a smaller one, simply enter the price difference here (e.g. enter 3.00 for an additional £3 charge). This is displayed as +£3.00 next to the dropdown menu option on the product page to let the customer know there is an additional charge. If there is no price dfference between the options, just leave this field blank.

Price Type  Leave as Fixed

SKU You can allocate a different SKU number for each product option if you wish. Or if you're happy to use the main product SKU, then leave this field blank.

Max Characters If you have a limit on the number of characters (e.g. if a the name on a personalised product must be under 15 characters) then you can enter this here, otherwise leave it blank.

If you select Input Type Dropdown you will then need to click on Add New Row which will allow you to enter the options you require for your dropdown menu.

In the second Title box, please enter the first value to appear in your dropdown menu (eg size 10). Again you have the option to add an additional price, and SKU, if required. Othewise, leave these blank.

Use the Sort Order field to set up the order in which you would like your options to appear.

To add further size, colour etc options, click the Add New Row button and repeat the process as above.

When you are finished, please click Save to exit the Products Edit section and return to the Dashboard where you will see your product listed. 

If you would like to view a preview of the product you have uploaded, please go to:

When you have added your products for the first time and are ready to go live, please email us at and we will make your products live and switch your collection on within the Designers section. 


When an order is placed for one of your products, you will automatically receive an email notification. This will include instructions for fulfilling the order as follows:

1. Log in to the shop admin area and mark the order as ‘acknowledged’ within 24 working hours of receiving the order.

2. When you are ready to ship the order, click on the link in the order notification email and download a packing slip to include in the parcel.

3. Once the order has been dispatched, please login in to the shop admin area and mark the order as ‘dispatched’. This will generate an email to the customer letting them know that their order is on the way. It will also release the order for payment to you (once the delivery and 21 day returns periods have elapsed). 

If you need any assistance with uploading your products or processing your orders as dispatched, please don't hesitate to get in touch.