Dark apple green handwoven lambswool blanket throw - 'Ziggurat'

by Madeleine Jude

made in ENGLAND

This beautiful, cosy and warm blanket throw has been designed, handwoven and hand finished by Madeleine Jude, using the best quality lambswool sourced from British spinners.

Part of her 'Ziggurat' range, named after the ancient step pyramids that became an iconic Art Deco motif, and woven in a reversing three shaft twill which presents the reverse colourway on the other side.

Each throw is hand woven by Madeleine Jude in her London / Surrey studio. It is then cut from the loom, the fringes are carefully hand twisted, and it is then scoured and washed to 'full' the cloth, and finally hand brushed, making it wonderfully light, warm and soft.

Perfect for autumn days and winter nights by the fire or on the sofa, or for adding a bit of extra warmth, colour and style to your bed. In the summer it can double up as a picnic blanket.

These blanket throws are also proving to be very popular as a 'blanket shawl', draped across the shoulders over a long dress, or a pair of shorts or skinny jeans!

Dimensions: approximately 190cm x 110 cm (75” x 43”)

designer Madeleine Jude
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about the maker

Madeleine Jude

Based in the London / Surrey borders, Madeleine Jude is a textile designer and weaver, following in the footsteps of generations of cotton and silk weavers and spinners who came…

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